Live Phone Group Regression With Mira – April 30


Enjoy this regression from the comfort of your home.

Join Mira Kelley for a Live Phone Past Life Regression Workshop.

During the guided group past life regression you will have an opportunity to:

  • Learn about your past lives and who you are
  • Find out your purpose in life
  • Resolve emotional and health issues
  • Receive guidance when making important decisions
  • Understand and heal the relationships with your family and friends
  • Understand about your soul mates

Mira will also lead you through an exercise which will allow you to connect with your Higher Self, your angels and guides to receive answers and guidance to your questions.

There will be a Q&A time for Mira to answer those questions you’ve been wanting to ask her.


Date: Sunday, April 30, 2017

Time: 12pm to 1:30pm EST

Questions: Call 205-475-2700

If you live in a different time zone you can check your local time at this link.

You will be able to come to our calls  by phone both Domestic and International.

You will receive instructions on how to connect to the call in a separate email before the event.

Live Phone Group Regression April 30, 2017


$20.00 (includes access to live call)
$35.00 (includes access to the live call plus the recording of it which will be sent within 1 day after call.)