Mira Kelley speaks with Andrea Garrison on Past Life Regression

Mira Kelley speaks with Andrea Garrison on past life regression


Andrea: Welcome you are now online with Andrea here on blog talk radio. Tonight we are featuring a couple of the participants in the Hay House program I Can Do It! IGNITE. It is a conference that will be introducing the new merging generation of leaders and this special program features twenty-nine transformational leaders and tonight we will speak with three participants and first we have with us Mira Kelley.

Andrea: How are you this evening?

Mira: Hello Andrea it’s such a pleasure to be speaking with you.

Andrea: It’s a pleasure having you I mean you have such a special story. If you could just briefly tell us, you know give us a little bit of your back ground. I know we’re going to have to have you back for more extensive interview but if you could tell us a little bit about your back ground and your work with past life regression and how did you get into that?

Mira: Sure. I got into it when I was little. I was thirteen years old when I had my very first regression and it was a very powerful, emotional experience. Then life kept on going for me in my late twenties I had a very painful physical condition and after a year of trying to cope with it through the standard normal things that people advise you to do I was faced with either having to do an operation or learning to live with a tremendous pain and neither sounded appealing. I was really desperate for a solution and that’s when I remembered the regression I did as a little child and I had an instantaneous physical healing just by reviewing another life I have lived at another time and that’s really the beauty of the work that I do. When people connect with other lifetimes with other experiences they have had they are able to bring such understanding and healing and transformation that really they find themselves in a completely new place of just having a better life and having released years of emotional baggage and having received guidance on how to continue forward. It’s really a magical work and I’m so glad I’m speaking with you about it because I love talking about past life regressions.

Andrea: I can tell you’re very passionate about your work. You truly, truly love it and its just wonderful just listening to you talk about it. Now why do you say that, regardless past, present, or future that all are occurring at this present moment? If you could explain that.

Mira: Absolutely! This is something that was reviewed to me through the work through the regressions I have done with my clients because you see this is really a very novel understanding. Up to now everybody in the hypnosis regression field have been considering lives to be linear, flowing one after another and the work I have done has allowed me to understand actually lives are simultaneous. If you are to think about a line you know we would usually think of past lives as a straight line going from one life to another to another, but if you were to think of those lives as staked up on top of each other that’s a way to think of them as happening at the same time. And because they are happening at the same time we are able to, the lives are exploring similar issues and connecting with these other lifetimes we see how they have been handled or be handled in these other existences and that’s the moment of learning and that’s the moment of, “Oh now I understand, now I see I’m a different person. I can do things differently. I can choose to do things differently.” That is such a powerful moment of relief and transformation.

Andrea: You know it’s funny I was thinking as I was listening to you speak you know that a lot of people like to explore a lot of different things but you could really spend a large part of your life in this life just exploring your own life.

Mira: You know that’s a very good point. I have done many regressions during my sense that occasion when I told you I had my physical condition be healed through a past life regression and now every time I do a regression it’s always appropriate, the experience I have is always appropriate with guiding always giving me what I am looking for to continue forward. The reason for that is for one we are eternal, we have lived so many lifetimes so there is always more to explore just like you said. Also in the moment we use this tool of regression, what is given to us is always appropriate and divinely orchestrated for what is to support us in that moment to give us what we need in that exact moment.

Andrea: Now can anyone go through a regression? Are there certain personalities where it would be difficult to do that? Is it possible for someone to be so into the present or afraid that they can’t go back or how does all that work?

Mira: I believe that everyone is able to experience a past life regression and it’s really such a gentle and beautiful process there is nothing jarring or scary about it and even if a person experiences a lifetime where there was trauma because you know there are those experiences where people have gone through traumatic things and if they were to connect with them it’s always done with a feeling of were just learning from it, let the tears flow let the emotion be there. It’s not like a horror movie that people go and see without there being a point right just the point of being scared. So even if a person experiences something that makes them feel uncomfortable it serves a greater purpose and once they come out of the session they see the point of it they see how it fits into who they are. That right there takes away some of the fear people have about what is this experience like. And beyond that like I said it’s really just a very gentle and very simple state of relaxation and going within because the moment we relax allow the impute from our senses.

Andrea: Now would you say, is it easier to look at others and understand others or easier to understand yourself? Which is more challenging?

Mira: I have to tell you it’s of course always interesting to explore others right? That’s why we are always involved in such incredible and interesting relationships but the exploration of oneself is the most rewarding and fulfilling thing that could ever happen because ever experience is always very empowering, every connection with another lifetime is always very empowering and brings you in a better place of knowing your strengths and your beauty.

Andrea: Yes that’s beautiful. I had a feeling you were going to say that. How does one transform their life through past life regression? What is the whole process like if someone wants to do that?

Mira: What I do with the clients, and I have also put out a guided regression recording for people, who cannot see me in person to do this. What happens is I really allow the person to go into a very comfortable and relaxed state and once the person is relaxed the images the information everything is already there it’s just a matter of slowing down the input from the external world and going within and once there the information is there and we are able to explore and experience, and something very beautiful that I do with my clients is after they relive these lifetimes I guide them into connecting with their higher self and that’s the place and the time with my clients and also on this recording that I mentioned to you this guided regression where I have people receive guidance from their  higher selves, angels, on questions they have where they are today in this life, in this moment and healing of physical conditions so it’s really a very thorough and very deep work.

Andrea: How can you tell the difference between you know imagination and a real past life experience? You know when you’re going through the regression I would imagine that the imagination could, or your mind could kind of confuse you because you could be imagining things that you would like to see.

Mira: I take an approach where I tell people imagine freely because what happens is imagination sometimes is the pulling into the story the moment of that bridge that brings you into the story the crossing into the story. I can think of a few stories of sessions I have done with people where they started with imagination and they said to me, “Mira what I’m seeing is imagination I can tell I’m imagining it.” And yet I would encourage them and tell them tell me more tell me more and they would talk to me and they would describe and then all of a sudden everything will change they will be in a different place and a different time. Imagination sometimes is the moment that brings us into the experience because it simply allows for the images to flow the information to flow, because it’s very much like electricity. Unless you plug in you don’t have an electricity flowing so it’s that moment of flow that allows that imagination allows for. From there on the way you know that a regression is a real experience is simply by the emotions. The emotions feels so strong the connections feel so strong that no one would be able to come and tell you this was imagined and that’s really what I experienced with my very first regression as a child. It was such an incredibly powerful experience that no one could ever come and tell me it’s not real it just feels right, it feels emotionally real and right.

Andrea: What I find amazing is that you were able to take yourself through the regression yourself.

Mira: I have to tell you I had guidance in that. I read a book by a person names Brian Weiss and I’m so proud to call him my teacher and mentor and on the back of the book was a guided script so what I did as a kid I was so intrigued by reading this book and by the possibilities that regression holds for emotional and physical healing that I decided to see what it is because I was so curious and I recorded the script on a tap because you know back then it was tap. I played the tap to myself and that’s really what guided me and it was that moment of guidance that allowed me to simply relax into the experience and allow for it. That’s what I do for my clients I’m their guide or with the guided regression that I have put out I am again their guide so the person can simply just relax into the experience and allow for it.

Andrea: Yes it’s beautiful work that you do so I look forward to interviewing you again and getting more detail on your work. If you would just stay on the line can you please give your web site for those?

Mira: Oh sure www.MiraKelley.com that’s how people can find me and learn more about my work.