Buddha Bracelet


Made with Riverstone, Buddha Bead and Buddha Pendant, the Deva Bracelet was created to help you deepen your spiritual growth and the expansion of your luminous essence. Wear this piece to affirm your commitment to your spiritual practice. Trust that you are a divine being.


The Deva Bracelet was created to help you expand your divine essence.

Riverstone assists you in making changes in your life. It accelerates your energy to move swiftly through inner transformation. Wear Riverstone to deepen your connection to the divine and open up to greater levels of divine guidance.

Howlite Buddha Bead assists you in releasing anxiety. It helps you to remain calm and attuned to guidance and wisdom from the divine.

Silver Plated Buddha Charm represents your commitment to claiming and living from your Buddha-like, divine essence.

“Deva” is the Sanskrit word for divine being.

The Deva Bracelet is handmade by Mira Kelley with love and blessed by her so that you can experience deep connection with the divine and be supported by it throughout your day.

Affirmation: I am a divine being.

The Deva Bracelet is a 7.5″ elastic bracelet, made with 8mm Riverstone beads. The Howlite Buddha Bead is in turquoise color and it is 14mm x 20mm one-sided bead. The Silver Plated Buddha Charm is 8mm x 12mm double-sided Buddha head.

Set Your Intention:
To accelerate your inner transformation and the expansion of your divine essence, and to open to divine guidance, attune the Deva Bracelet to your energy.

Sit quietly. Hold your Deva Bracelet against your heart. Breathe in your intention for the jewelry and infuse it into your bracelet. And so it is. Your bijou is now ready to wear.

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