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Frankincense essential oils is a miracle product that nature has given us to prevent and heal us from emotional and physical conditions. It is an excellent aid in exploring your past lives. Frankincense has been used since antiquity and is one of the most studied essential oils in modern times.



  • Boswellia frereana 15 ml
  • Essential Oil Supplement
  • Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade
  • For aromatic, topical or dietary use

Frankincense has profound psychological and spiritual benefits, long recognized by religious and spiritual traditions. Researchers today have discovered that the sesquiterpenes in Frankincense help stimulate the limbic system of the brain as well as the hypothalamus, pineal and pituitary glands. Frankincense is a natural way to stimulate the release of DMT in the pineal gland. The limbic system is the center for emotions and is involved in memory — what better brain system to access in the explorations in your past lives.

Diffuse Frankincense in the room before you meditate or do a past life regression. In my office and at all my workshops I use a diffuser to help spread the Frankincense. You can also add a couple of drops of Frankincense to a pot of boiling water and let the aroma fill the room. This allows for a focused state of mental calm and will guide you to go deeper into the process of connecting with the Divine.

Deeper Levels of Insight and Creativity

Frankincense allows you to access deeper level of insights and creativity. Ever since the times of one of the oldest known medical records, Ebers Papyrus (dating to 1550 BC), Frankincense has been used to powerfully shift people out of mental and physical blocks. Adding Frankincense to your moments of past life regression, meditation and prayer will help you integrate the inspiration and information the Divine is flowing to you. Before you begin, inhale the aroma and ask for Divine guidance. Then follow the process of regression or meditation and trust whatever comes to you.

Take Before Bedtime

Before bedtime, as you inhale the scent of Frankincense, ask for Divine guidance in your dreams. In the morning when you wake up stay for a moment with your eyes closed and replay consciously your dreams. The guidance will be there.

The results people get from using Frankincense in the healing of many different physical conditions are miraculous. No matter the condition, and no matter who the person is start with Frankincense. Please note, use only pure therapeutic grade Frankincense. To learn how to use Frankincense for your physical condition please watch the videos below and research the information available.

Frankincense Videos


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Get a diffuser to help spread the oil. See here.

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