Past Life Regression Workshop Video


Join Mira Kelley for a past life regression workshop.

This workshop is deeply fulfilling, revealing and can literally change your life!
In a skilled and gentle manner, Mira will guide you through your past lives using a visualized, guided regression.



Format: Streaming HD Video

Join Mira for a 4.5 hour long past life regression workshop packed with content and exercises. You can benefit from Mira’s transformative work immediately from the comfort of your home.

The workshop gives you a full regression that lasts an hour! Before the regression, Mira will lead you through a powerful relaxation to release all stress and through a tapping process to release anxiety about doing a regression. These two exercises will bring you to an ideal state to explore your past lives.

Over the course of the workshop, Mira will lead you to:

  • Connect with your soul and learn about who you are
  • Explore the journey to healing and releasing yourself from emotional and physical pain
  • Look to the future and discover your higher purpose
  • Manifest your best possible life
  • Understand and heal relationships with your family and friends
  • Receive guidance on important decisions
  • Discover your soul mate or answer questions about them
  • Connect with your Higher Self, your angels and guides
  • Participate in a Q/A session with the group and story-sharing

With humor, great compassion, wisdom and love, Mira will guide you to receive answers and healing and you will find yourself transformed.

Through attending a workshop with Mira via this recording, you can explore your part lives and receive guidance and healing immediately. And you can continue to use the regression and processes offered here over and over again.

Running Time: 4.5 hours

Note: Once purchased, you will have immediate access to this workshop through HD video streaming over the Internet. Link to the video will be delivered to you within 24 hours. Watching the video requires Internet connection. No DVD will be delivered to you.

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