The Seven Chakra Bracelet


The Seven Chakra Bracelet was created to help you balance your chakras, open up to Divine guidance and to feel connected and supported on your spiritual path.


When your chakras are balanced and open:

  • In the First Chakra you feel safe and you are supported by a loving community
  • In the Second Chakra you feel all your needs are met; you feel creative and trusting and you are able to receive
  • In the Third Chakra you feel powerful, safe to be seen as who you truly are; you have clear boundaries and are able to easily charge for your services
  • In the Fourth Chakra you easily forgive yourself and others; you let go of the need to be perfect and you are able to love unconditionally and you easily allow love
  • In the Fifth Chakra you speak our truth, feel heard and you are able to exercise your power as the creator of your life
  • In the Sixth Chakra you see your life as full of possibilities and you are able to receive psychic and intuitive insights
  • In the Seventh Chakra you feel unlimited and you experience miracles regularly

Each chakra is represented by stone beads that corresponds to the chakra’s color. It is an elastic bracelet. It is hand-made with 8mm beads. The Lotus Charm is made of zink alloy.

Mantra: I am Divinely guided. All my chakras are balanced.

Set Your Intention: To open up and balance each chakra, to allow and receive Divine guidance and to bring a greater sense of balance and being Divine supported, attune the Seven Chakra Bracelet to your energy.

Sit quietly. Hold your Seven Chakra Bracelet against your heart. Breathe in your intention for the jewelry and infuse it into your mala. And so it is. Your bijou is now ready to wear.

Price: $9.99


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