What Clients Say

John’s Reflections on His Regression

“My hypnosis session with Mira was, without exaggeration, an amazing and mind-blowing experience, for two important reasons: (1) the information that was revealed to me; and (2) the skill with which Mira conducted the session. I had undergone regressive hypnosis with a different hypnotist a few years previously, and those sessions – which involved regression to a past life and to the spirit realm – were also wonderful and amazing, but my session with Mira was something altogether different, for, in addition to the “typical” regressive hypnosis experience, the session also involved a phase where Mira made contact with my Higher Self.

Without going into details, I will simply say that the information imparted during my session with Mira explained a great deal about my current life, my personality, and the problems I’ve faced.  It also revealed some wondrous and awesomely inspiring cosmological and spiritual principles which have enlightened and transformed me in ways I had never thought possible. But the most important aspect of my session – and the reason why it was so successful and profound – was Mira.

In addition to possessing remarkable skill as a hypnotist, Mira is a person of extraordinary kindness and sensitivity. This is important not only in helping to put the hypnosis subject at ease, but also because it defines the approach and attitude with which the entire session is conducted. To put it simply, Mira genuinely cares about her clients. This is obvious during the initial interview, but it becomes even more striking during the actual hypnosis session; after listening to the recording of the session (which Mira makes and provides) I was genuinely wonder-struck by the skillful expertise and inspired intuitiveness with which Mira guided me through the complex labyrinth of visions and perceptions. Her questions were intelligent and insightful, and they navigated me through the experience in such a way as to result in some truly awesome revelations which I believe would not have surfaced under the guidance of a hypnotist with less personal concern and interest.  Likewise, her calm reassurances when I experienced moments of trepidation helped to ease me through potential blockages and greatly facilitated the progress of the session.  As with a sightseeing tour, the experience can be either fascinating or boring, depending upon the knowledge and exuberance of the guide. Well, I can personally attest to the fact that my “tour” of my inner self was most definitely a fascinating experience thanks to the expertise and compassion with which Mira guided the session. It was all I had hoped for, and much, much more. Mira, from the bottom of my heart, God bless you and thank you so very, very much!”

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Melody’s Reflections on Her Regressions
(Melody and I had two sessions.  Below are her thoughts on her experience.)

“Mira said that every experience is different, depending on the person. That each regression she guides is unique in its scents and sights, moments and meanings – unique in what you will see and experience and the purpose the higher self has in revealing the details of each regression. So I can’t tell you specifically what a regression will hold for you, but I can tell you that it will be a gift that holds understanding as you have never known it.

I went into the experience very open, but also skeptical – not about Mira and her expertise, but of my capacity. I wasn’t sure that I – with the highest level of guidance – would be capable of grasping something so outside the boundaries of everyday understanding.  But I was wrong. Mira’s kind and knowing intuition capably guided us both through two vividly detailed regression sessions and left me knowing things about my soul that I would have never imagined – but which now seem so obvious.

After working with Mira and exploring five previous lives, I have an acute awareness and renewed sensitivity to the way that life is connected and interconnected. Through regression, you experience your life energy in different forms – specific men and women, and animals through time – and sense the love and anger, peace and anxiety, struggles and successes you experienced within different life stories. And with Mira’s guidance, you explore the meanings of the various moments and how they have shaped and sometimes continuously affect your present life’s purpose.  It is an experience through time and space to better understand your own self.

But it is also bigger than that. I couldn’t put my finger on it for weeks and I certainly couldn’t find the words to explain this larger understanding which was had quietly crept into my being during my work with Mira. Beyond understanding my own self with such a new clarity –  with details from past relationships or explanations of lifelong struggles –  the experience of regressing through past lives leaves you with a quiet peace. After my second regression, a close friend asked me if I was ever scared. “No.” I told her with a confident honesty. Nothing about it for me was scary or awkward or uncomfortable. But for me it was intensely emotional, because I experienced a depth of connection I have merely sensed in my present life. You might call it God or the universe, the oversoul, or love. Whatever you call it – it’s real and all around us. This experience was like a correction of my vision. I see this bigger connection all around me and in me. And that is a gift.

Love to you, Mira.”

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Bozena: I became elated

“Having read the works of both Dr. Brian Weiss and Dolores Cannon early on in life, I was more than pleased when I synchronistically crossed path with Mira while attending a seminar on another topic altogether.  A couple months later I met with Mira in New York for a past life regression.

Much happened during our session, and I experienced a range discoveries and emotions, but the one thing that was the most important for me was an elation I felt when I discovered that I had within me the ability to fill any lack I was experiencing from within myself.  Allow me to explain.  All my life, 49 years, I have felt this emptiness inside me that I believed was caused by parents who were not able to love me the way I needed to be loved.  I thought that this emptiness was something that I would have to live with for the rest of my life because the person I needed the most love from, my mother, is no longer living.  During the session with Mira, I was able to find the source of this missing love right inside of me, and I started to cry as I felt the deep stream of love resonate through my whole body.  I became elated.

The interesting thing is that throughout my life I would on occasion tap into this loving resource state in dreams, but would quickly dismiss it as wishful thinking, sort of like the feeling we get in dreams when we’re flying where upon awakening we don’t want to dream to end.  I always believed that the love I was searching for and missed was something that I would never know because I wasn’t given the experience of it in real life, so when I did get glimpses of it I dismissed it.

But as I lay on Mira’s couch as she directed me, I realized that I already had all that love right inside me, and I recognized it immediately when I felt it because I was getting glimpses of it all my life.  It was truly life changing. I remember the feeling distinctly when I felt this light come through my chest and it warmed my whole body like an electric blanket but better because with the light I also experienced profound peace.

Since that day I no longer feel as though I am missing anything.  Past resentments have disappeared from my life and my relationships with certain family members changed because of it.  Sometimes I don’t recognize myself when I become aware of my behaviors around other people.  My father never used to look into my eyes when we greet, and now he does.  I feel this sense of calm and knowing that we are all part of something greater than our everyday lives and that love abounds.

What I realized from working with Mira is that we are compartmentalized in our thinking because we believe that all events in life are linear, happening one after the other.  Or at least that is my interpretation of it. Mira teaches that all experiences are simultaneous and all experiences are available to us all at once.  I remember wondering during the train ride home if we had access to all our talents from all our lives, and how awesome that would be to learn on to tap into them.

Mira is an extraordinary person with a lot of love in her heart.  You immediately become comfortable in her presence.  She also recorded our session on her laptop and sent me the file electronically so I could listen to it again. I highly recommend that anyone try this type of therapy if they want to try something different.  Mira is also an attorney having worked in New York City, and having firsthand experience with issues that people deal with, which makes working with her that much more interesting and grounding.  She takes her regression work as seriously as she did her work as an attorney.  I am glad that she left law to pursue this work instead.  I know she will help a lot of people improve their lives.  Much love to you, Mira.”

Bozena in Connecticut