You Will Learn:

  • What men find most attractive in a woman
  • Become a woman who is cherished, treasured and adored
  • Become super lucky in love and get any man you want
  • Stop being a perpetual dating app member & going on dates that never lead anywhere
  • Stop attracting men who ghost you, betray you and abandon you


Clear Your Money Karma and Create Unlimited Wealth

Release your old stories of unworthiness, lack and not enoughness. As that heaviness and constriction are let go of, we will create a foundation of emotions and beliefs based on thriving, feeling safe and stable financially.

We will reprogram your subconscious to wealth. By changing and upgrading your inner emotional environment, the vibration you radiate will magnetize back to you an experience of effortless abundance.

It is time to create your unlimited wealth and to experience a life of abundance and freedom.

What do you need help with?


Clear the abandonment, betrayal, rejection and hurt of love. Change your love story, fall in love with your life and magnetizing your dream partner and perfect relationship now.


Create a new reality of abundance and prosperity, clear the debt pressure and the feelings of unworthiness, let go of the habit of panic and worry about money and release your perceptions of lack of money. Tremendously expand your capacity to receive, manage, and grow wealth to magnetize and manifest abundance. 



Discover your life purpose and to start living it. Clear the fears of being judged, seen and heard, the fears of who am I to be doing this, and feeling of not being good enough and step into the deeply rewarding journey of claiming your divine destiny and upleveling your life.


Heal your body by removing the emotional causes of the physical symptoms, have real energy, and be full of joy and vitality. Our work will produce real, measurable biological changes in your body.
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Past Life Regression

When you need guidance making decisions, want to resolve emotional and health issues or want to understand your purpose in life and the events that surround you, turn to past life regression.”

A magical journey into a past life

I spent one spectacular afternoon in a hypnotic time lapse in which I was taken on a magical journey into a past life with Mira Kelley. This experience with Mira was truly one of the peak experiences of my life. She was so skillful and yet gentle and compassionate throughout every moment of this wondrous time I spent examining the world of the invisible.

Dr. Wayne Dyer

My Experience Was Amazing

Past Life Regression with Mira Kelley experience was amazing. I had no idea that I experienced this for 5 hours!!! It felt like an hour or less ! Time flies! I was blessed to experience so many past lives. It really explained who I am today.


I experienced a past-life regression with her

After reading Mira’s book, I experienced a past-life regression with her. Her sweet voice transported me into the realm of Truth and Transformation. A rare authenticity permeates her being and her words.

Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa

Co-founder / Golden Bridge Yoga

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Thank You Magic Mushrooms

Unless you live under a rock or outside of the state of California 😉 you must have heard about the astounding power of psychedelics to heal us. Magic mushrooms are currently the most researched plant medicine. The FDA has two trials under study and this miraculous...

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Never Be Betrayed Again!

  Beyoncé said: "It’s not the cheating that hurts, it’s the type of bitches he cheat with. Now I got to look her in her eyes & see she’s had half of me & she ain’t even half of me." Ain’t that the truth, ladies! Every time he cheated, he always chose a...

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