Meet Mira

I discovered my passion for past life regressions at the age of 13. I came across Brian Weiss’ book Through Time Into Healing and I was so deeply intrigued by the idea of reincarnation that I decide to regress myself.

On the back of the book there was a suggested script for people to make a recording that they can play back and have their own regression. I thought to myself that even though I had no physical ailments or emotional issues to heal I was really curious and wanted to try. I recorded the script on a tape and a few moments later I began playing it.

What I experienced was so vivid and so dramatic that ¡t shook me deeply. I had a peak experience. In an instant I become this other person who was running scared for her life. Through the guidance of the questions that were coming from the recording I was able to understand the story of that lifetime, the lessons and how that life related to the person I am now.

The most unforgettable scene of my experience came at the end of the regression. I was observing from above how the woman in that life passed away. In that moment of divine serenity her spirit separated from her body and began rising. Her spirit was beautiful white light. There was a path of white light leading into the distance, which the spirit drifted towards. At the end of the light path there was an opening, a door at the threshold of which another spirit composed of bright white light was waiting to great the woman’s spirit. I was in awe of what I have witnessed.


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Several years later I had some dental work done which exacerbated a pre-existing TMJ condition. As a result my jaw was in constant pain and it was hard to even open my mouth and eat. After a year of unsuccessful physical therapy my dentist, who is one of the most highly regarded dentists in New York City, advised me that I either needed to have an operation during which my jaw would be broken and reattached back with wires inside my mouth or that I was to learn to live with the pain for the rest of my life. I was desperate for a real solution — one which would miraculously take the pain away.

That is when I remembered the regression I did as a girl. Not knowing what to expect or how would the pain be taken away I found a therapist and had two sessions. During these sessions I experienced several lifetimes and learned the connections they share with my current life. But most importantly I understood the information and the lessons that my body was conveying to me through the pain in my jaw. In a few short days the pain was completely gone and my dentist called my healing a miracle he has never witnessed before.

My belief in the power of regressions was forever solidified. Connecting with my past lives has allowed me to not only gain a better understanding of who I am and receive guidance but to also have a very real physical healing. I wanted to share and assist others in experiencing the amazing possibilities that a regression session holds. My love and passion for this work lead me to study with Brian Weiss and Dolores Cannon who are two of the most renowned regression therapists in the world.

Today, I continue to be amazed by the journeys each of my clients takes me on and to be in awe of the healing miracles I witness. However, none of this would be possible without the divine love that has created us and constantly supports us. That is why I approach every session with absolute trust that the Higher Self of each of my clients will provide them with the most appropriate information and healing that will serve their highest good.



Dr. Wayne W. Dyer speaks with Mira Kelley about the regression Mira conducted with Wayne, as detailed in Wayne’s new book Wishes Fulfilled, and about Mira’s experiences as a regressionist.

Dr. Wayne W.  Dyer and Mira Kelley Part 1

Dr. Wayne W. Dyer and Mira Kelley Part 2