The Secrets We Keep

What is your secret? This video teaches you - How your secrets disempower you and how to use them to liberate yourself? Email me at [email protected] to work with me. Subscribe to my youtube channel  ...

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I’ve Been Loved ❤ Happy Mother’s Day

It humbles me and brings me to tears to think how much I have been loved by my mom and by the women who have come on my life’s path. My mama is an embodiment of the Divine Mother. Her love is deep, fierce and unconditional. Mama Lili has a gift. She sees the best in a...

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His Past Life Lessons

This is what A. A. learned in his past life regression with me: "Few days ago in the mid of my self-quarantine and the chaos of the COVID-19 News, I decided to undergo a past life regression session with Mira Kelley, a specialist who had guided Wayne Dyer "God bless...

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Our Prayer For Love

This full moon and this pandemic are bringing up all of our relationship issues. Those of us who are single, we are painfully aware of how alone we are and how much we desire to be in a committed and happy relationship. Someone we love and admire, who is there for us....

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