What people love about working with Mira.

feel free and grateful after having a life-changing

How Sevina's fear of rejection was cleared by visiting her past lives. What she learned from her past lives and why does she feel free and grateful after having a life-changing, extraordinary experience with Mira Kelley.


a magical journey into a past life

I spent one spectacular afternoon in a hypnotic time lapse in which I was taken on a magical journey into a past life with Mira Kelley. This experience with Mira was truly one of the peak experiences of my life. She was so skillful and yet gentle and compassionate throughout every moment of this wondrous time I spent examining the world of the invisible.

Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

I experienced a past-life regression with her

After reading Mira’s book, I experienced a past-life regression with her. Her sweet voice transported me into the realm of Truth and Transformation. A rare authenticity permeates her being and her words.

Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa
Co-founder / Golden Bridge Yoga

my experience was amazing

Past Life Regression with Mira Kelley experience was amazing. I had no idea that I experienced this for 5 hours!!! It felt like an hour or less ! Time flies! I was blessed to experience so many past lives. It really explained who I am today.

an amazing and mind-blowing experience

I had undergone regressive hypnosis with a different hypnotist a few years previously, and those sessions – which involved regression to a past life and to the spirit realm – were also wonderful and amazing, but my session with Mira was something altogether different, for, in addition to the “typical” regressive hypnosis experience, the session also involved a phase where Mira made contact with my Higher Self.

every experience is different

unique in what you will see and experience and the purpose the higher self has in revealing the details of each regression. So I can’t tell you specifically what a regression will hold for you, but I can tell you that it will be a gift that holds understanding as you have never known it.

I was more than pleased

Mira is an extraordinary person with a lot of love in her heart. You immediately become comfortable in her presence. She also recorded our session on her laptop and sent me the file electronically so I could listen to it again. I highly recommend that anyone try this type of therapy if they want to try something different. Mira is also an attorney having worked in New York City, and having firsthand experience with issues that people deal with, which makes working with her that much more interesting and grounding. She takes her regression work as seriously as she did her work as an attorney. I am glad that she left law to pursue this work instead. I know she will help a lot of people improve their lives. Much love to you, Mira.

Life Does Not Need To Be Hard

After our session, Mario chose to dissociate from the belief of life as a struggle. He realized that the circumstances that created the belief do not exist in his life, that he is a different person now. He realized that he has the power to choose and that he does not need to perceive the world through his mother’s eyes. He chose to be grateful for everything good that he is given instead of ignoring it and focusing on what is wrong. To support his new vision every day he writes a positive though on a sticky note and places it on his computer so that the intent of it carries him through the day.