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I have become world-famous for the life-changing, miraculous results I deliver to my clients by guiding them through past life regression.

Using regression we will get to the root cause of your issues and we will get the emotional and physical healing. In addition, it is also critical to change your attitudes and mindset on a day to day basis in this life, so that you do not revert back and slip into the habits of the old self when you are challenged by your environment.

That is why I recommend that we do a past life regression followed by Results Coaching program that will liberate you from old patterns and empower you with tools, focus, action and accountability to breakthrough and uplevel your life to reach the success you desire.

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Coaching with me will change your life fast!

My Results Coaching Programs use a proprietary method that blends proven scientific and spiritual principles that are specifically designed to guide you to rapidly reach your goals and to live the life of your dreams.

I offer group and private coaching in the following areas:

Results Coaching will empower you with dedicated focus, insight, guidance and accountability you need to achieve and exceed the results you desire and live the life of your boldest dreams.

If you’re ready to make a commitment to this transformational process, and an investment in yourself in order to live the life you deserve, please email me using the form below.

Results Coaching programs range between 8-12 weeks of focused work together and already include a past life regression, as described below.

My Results Coaching programs are by invitation only.

To schedule your discovery call for us to speak please email me using the contact form below. This call will be the best 20 minutes you will spend on your goal all year. We’ll take a look at where you are now; where do you want to go; what is holding you back and what you need to do to reach your goals. And if we think it is a good fit, I’ll invite you to become one of my clients. If not, you invested the best 20 minutes you’ll spend on your goal all year.

I offer private and group coaching over video Zoom.


Working with Mira was life changing! In just 6 months of Results Coaching with her I accomplished the two goals I have struggled with for years – I am now in a committed and passionate relationship with my soulmate and I not only doubled, but I quadrupled my income. If you are wondering whether to invest in yourself and in working with her, my only advice for you is – Yes! Do it!


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Past life regression is a powerful process that allows people to heal emotional and physical issues. You will visit past, parallel and future lives. By seeing the big picture of your soul’s journey and learning your lessons you become profoundly empowered to transform your life.

To learn more about it please see past life regression therapy and read my book Beyond Past Lives.

I offer in person 1 on 1 past life regression sessions in Los Angeles, CA.

I also offer 1 on 1 personal past life regression sessions over video Zoom. These sessions are just as effective, while you are comfortable at home.

To schedule your past life regression session please email me using the contact form below.


Mira, I wanted to thank you so much for my session today. I can honestly say it was life changing. I would never in a million years have expected what I experienced today. What a powerful emotional release! Of emotions that I never even knew were within me. Thank you for your gentle nature and kind and loving heart. I felt so safe with you. You held such a beautiful space. I’m still processing everything that happened, bits continue to come to me. I cannot even begin to put into words how powerful the process was and the clear insights that I received. I feel lighter and a deep sense of freedom. It feels like I’m ready for life to begin.

Thank you just doesn’t seem to sum up what I’m feeling right now.

Sending much love,