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Healthy Thyroid Coaching is based on my belief and my experience that our bodies are able to restore themselves to a state of perfect health if we remove the emotional causes of the physical symptoms and create an inner supportive and loving environment. And that is what we will achieve through working together.I will guide you to identify, examine and release the emotions and the limiting beliefs that caused the imbalance in your thyroid.The topic of having a healthy thyroid is a subject I am very passionate about. I firmly believe that whether you have an overactive or underactive thyroid we can take steps to bring your thyroid back into balance.That is my belief. And that is what this program will guide you towards.

Now let me ask you this very important question: Are you merely interested in healing your thyroid? Or are you committed?

Your answer will determine the effect you will get out of us working together.

All placebo studies reach one very important conclusion. The effectiveness of a treatment depends on the person’s belief and expectation that because they are receiving help they will heal.

Therefore, at the very start of this coaching you and I need to make a deal.

I will give you my absolute best. I will guide. I know the way. Also, I believe in you. I believe in your body. I know the reality of you having a healthy body exists.

What I ask of you is your full commitment. I need you to intend with every fiber of your being that you will have a perfectly functioning thyroid. And I need you to commit to do the work I will guide you through.

Now, are you going to give me your absolute best? Are you going to do the tapping rounds, the self-hypnosis program and the healing meditation and work with them over and over again until your body is vibrant and your heart is full of joy and your mind is in love with life?

If your answer is an absolute YES then you and I have a deal and you will love the adventure of us bringing your thyroid into a healthy balance.

We will cover these topics and many more as we tailor them specifically to you and what you need clear for your healing.

  1. My body has betrayed me; the anger, frustration and hopelessness with the thyroid condition; Can I really heal?
  2. I feel stifled; I don’t have a say in my life; I feel hopeless; They don’t care
  3. They took my voice away; I am afraid to speak more clearly
  4. Humiliation; How did I let this happen; Why am I letting them treat me this way
  5. I need to put everyone else ahead of me; it is never my turn; I feel guilty to take care of myself; judging others for being selfish; fear of being judged for being a bad person for being selfish; accepting it is allowed to take care of myself; I need to sacrifice
  6. I am responsible for them; it is my job and my duty to take care of them; life is hard; they are powerless, victims and cannot handle it; it is all on me; I feel alone and unsupported
  7. I am not allowed to have needs; I cannot ask for help; I feel taken for granted
  8. I am not allowed to get angry; their anger scares me; I need to avoid all conflict and confrontation to keep myself safe
  9. I feel betrayed; I expect to be left out; I feel angry for being left behind
  10. I feel unwanted and unworthy; they did not want me
  11. Life is hard and a struggle; I am powerless.
  12. Working through your symptoms and clearing them; balancing hormonal and glandular imbalance; creating optimal health

Past trauma, in this life and past lives, and early childhood beliefs become imprinted as electrical charge, we call memories and neural pathways in the brains.

With time, we continue to reinforce that perception and interpretation of the world, and we grow and even bigger network of neural pathways to carry that signal of the initial belief. That constantly creates an effect on the hormonal chemistry of our bodies. Because of that every new situation will be perceived through the lens of those experiences and we will recreate the old conclusions and endlessly re-enacting the behavior over and over again.

The solution is to break the cycle.

The solution is to break the old ways of perceiving the world and build new neural pathways. Breaking the conditioned response loop of remembering and re-enacting the trauma and creating the stress chemicals, will allow the body to restore its hormonal balance.

We are shaping our brains and our bodies through the quality of our thoughts.

Our work will produce real, physical change in your bodies.

The emotional healing tools we will use have been shown to create profound biological changes in your body.

Case studies show that when coherent, smooth heart rhythm signals are created and sent between the heart and brain, there are changes and balance happening in the autonomic nervous system, such as:

  • decreases in blood pressure
  • changes in the glandular system, of which the thyroid is a part of
  • changes in the emotional brain centers of the amygdala and hippocampus,
  • creating feelings of being more balanced emotionally,
  • changes in the hormonal system,
  • decreases in cortisol and increases in DHEA, and an increase in communication with the cognitive centers, also called cortical facilitation.

This makes the changes in thinking, planning, decision-making and creativity more productive and positive.

Cortisol, the stress hormone, and DHEA, our main healing hormone, as molecules look almost the same, yet they have the opposite functions in the body. As we move our minds and our hearts away from worry and anxiety to love and gratitude and inner peace, the ratio of cortisol and DHEA shifts. There is a signal in our brains and our adrenal glands to produce DHEA, the powerful cell-repairing hormone.

We will use the focus of your mind, your cognitive shifts and your spiritual experiences to drive which hormone your body produces.

When your heart and your mind are at peace, your thyroid can restore itself.

The 3 Month Coaching Program:

The tools we will use are past life regression and EFT tapping, self-hypnosis and meditation.

We will use EFT tapping to clear out all limiting beliefs and emotions and the trauma you’ve been through that affect your thyroid health.

I will be your personal coach. Together, we will work through the beliefs and emotions that result in an imbalanced thyroid.

I will guide you through your past lives and future lives to understand and heal the emotional blocks to having a healthy thyroid and endocrine system.

On your own time I will have you listen to a self-hypnosis meditation for you to reprogram your subconscious and believe in the possibility of a healthy body, the ability to express yourself and to create the life you imagine for yourself.

And one of the most important pieces to this program is meditating every day. I will give you a recording of a very powerful healing meditation for you to practice creating a life you are in love with and having a vibrant and healthy body.

In addition, I will give you resources that will guide you through creating a diet that supports a healthy thyroid function and a list of products that you can easily obtain and actions you can take to physically rebalance the thyroid. I believe that these two pieces play a very important part of your healing journey.

Healthy Thyroid Coaching is a 3 month individual, one on one coaching with me.

We will begin by doing a 3 hour long regression and establishing the basis for our work

And we will have 12 coaching sessions of one hours each

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