William Buhlman


Mira Kelley is not just a proponent of regression, she is a participant. During her amazing tale of injury and recovery, she shows the power of connecting to our Higher Self.

Through the depth of this book, Mira Kelley establishes herself as an authority in past life regression. As the title suggests, her story reaches beyond anecdotes of historical characters and their tales of triumph. She uses multiple case study examples of healing and self-realization to provide verification of our complex spiritual being. Her work on “simultaneity of existence” will challenge your preconceived notions of past lives.

Mira addresses some contemporary issues with thought and sensitivity. Suicide, she says, is not an escape because the soul will return again and again until the lesson has been completed. Illness is not random, but simply an opportunity to grow. Forgiveness can be easier when you ‘condemn the action, not the person who caused you harm.’ And there are many others.

Each chapter brings with it a clear message. The exercises within are relevant and simple to do. I highly recommend this book to anyone looking to align their physical life with their spiritual mission. I’m a big fan of Mira Kelley. She will take you on a journey of healing transformation.

William BuhlmanAuthor of Adventures beyond the Body and Adventures in the Afterlife