Money Alchemy with Mira Kelley

Money Alchemy with Mira Kelley

Join Mira Kelley’s masterclass, “Money Alchemy” and change your relationship, mindset and beliefs around receiving wealth, fulfilling your personal desires, and clearing the blocks and fears that are holding you back from living fully and abundantly without feeling guilt and shame.

Key Points in this video

00:00 Guilt around having more money

02:04 Transcending the guilt of having money

03:57 Beliefs behind the guilt for having money

06:12 Clearing money guilt and experiencing freedom

08:11 Letting go of the guilt of being seen as greedy

11:06 The universe is abundant and unlimited

15:04 Enough and not enough dilemma

18:55 Greed as intense fear of survival

20:43 Our resources expand as our desires expand

22:27 Accepting and allowing yourself to have more

25:13 Energetic and emotional work around the guilt of having more

27:01 What is your place of guilt?

27:03 How strong that guilt is?

27:26 Measuring the level of guilt

27:38 Where do you feel that guilt in your body?

30:07 EFT Tapping to release guilt and shame around money

1:00:57 Connecting to source in a new way

1:02:34 Holding ourselves back from living fully and growing

1:03:50 Trusting our desires and the good that comes out of it

1:08:44 How good energetically is my gift?

1:09:23 Feel free to repeat EFT tapping round

1:11:02 The reason Mira loves EFT tapping work

1:11:53 Acknowledging the work it takes to create wealth and success

1:13:44 Invitation to mastermind course Money Alchemy