Connecting Diet And Events From Past Lives

Many of us suffer from allergies, dietary sensitivities and food intolerances. Sometimes, these can be attributed to our genetic make-up or our environment. But what if you could connect the condition to another life and resolve it in this lifetime?

When I worked with Lisa, a beautiful young woman, she opened up about the issues she longed to find peace with. For many years, she had suffered from serious hives on her skin, without any clear understanding of what she might be allergic to or interacting with.

During her regression, she experienced an episode from a past life where she was taken ill. It was the early 1960’s. She was in her 30s and living in New York City. She described:

Lisa: I think I’m going to the butcher shop to get dinner. My husband likes the meat from the shop.

Mira: Do you enjoy cooking for your husband?

Lisa: Yes, and we enjoy having dinner together. We enjoy wine too. But it seems that there’s something with the meat and my hives. There’s something not clean with the meat this one time and I get sick from it. It feels like there’s some connection with the meat and the hives.

Mira: Go to the moment when you got sick with from the meat and tell me what happens. What are the symptoms you have?

Lisa: I have huge, itchy hives on my skin. It’s really uncomfortable.

Mira: Does it go away?

Lisa: I have to go to the doctors. They inject me with something. I think the meat had some kind of accidental chemical in it. I have to go to the hospital. I could never go to the same butcher shop again, and it’s kind of sad because my husband liked the meat from there.

I asked Lisa, “What did you learn through this life?”

Lisa: Anything can affect your health, at any moment. You have to be careful with food.

Once she experienced the story of this lifetime, I asked Lisa, while still in the meditative regression state, to connect with the energy of her Higher Self, angels and guides.

Talking to her guides, I asked what the connection between these two lives was. They explained that Lisa’s love of food was combined with a fear of food, especially when the food is prepared by someone else. Prepared food carries with it the intent and the energy of the preparer. They also explained how important it was that Lisa be relaxed and without anxiety as she ate.

The spirit guides were clear – the source of her hives in the present life was not the food at all. It was the stress and anxiety she felt at the time of eating that resulted in the physical reactions. They said, “Let go of the physical fear or anxiety and you stop the hives.” Lisa’s guides encouraged her to release the anxiety of eating food prepared by others and to accept the positive energy from meat and all food.

I asked them to help her achieve this by surrounding her with healing energy and to release the fear that the body is vulnerable and that food can be dangerous. Lisa left our session relieved and feeling empowered, more proof to the power of this healing work!

I know Lisa’s story will inspire you to understand that not all food issues are physical or biochemical. Our state of mind and emotions can directly affect how our body reacts to all outside elements, even the food we eat.

Here is something simple you can do every time you sit down for a meal. Place your hands over your food and bless it. Imagine infusing it with light and love. Thank the food for nourishing your body. And then enjoy it!