My Numerology Reading with Michelle Buchanan

The amazing and incredibly talented Michelle Buchanan gave me a numerology reading today.

I am so amazed that I had to share with you. Here are the highlights:

  • As an 11/2 Life Path, your life purpose is to uplift, empower, and inspire others … especially by “leading by example” through your own personal experience.


  • When you changed your name to Mira Kelley – you didn’t change your destiny, as they both total the same number! Which is number 3.


  • You have just entered a brand new 9 year cycle of new beginning and opportunities – you are now in a 1 Personal Year.


  • You are in a very powerful cycle in your chart especially between now and your next birthday. You are being groomed for leadership in a very big way.

This year I am on my way to providing even more love, upliftment and empowerment to you my dear friends!

Have you ever had a numerology reading? If not, you have to check out Michelle Buchanan’s work!