You believe that it is possible for you to heal yourself.

You have seen the doctors, done the treatment protocols, taken the supplements and improved your diet, still you are not there yet.

You are not willing to accept a diagnosis of incurable or chronic illness.

You know that the unresolved and unhealthy emotional issues are what caused the imbalance in your body.

And now you are ready to do the inner work and to create your healing.

You are unwell because your soul is trying to solve a problem. And truth be told, the more severe your symptoms are, the more you have been failing to figure it out. Your condition is not thrust upon you. It was not your destiny to be ill. You are not supposed to suffer.

The physical difficulty is meant to remind you, to highlight, to bring to the forefront of your awareness that there is an inner problem.

When you solve the inner problem, the illness will be cleared.

If you use a drug or do a procedure to get rid of the condition, your soul is in a quandary. The symptoms used to signal that you need to pay attention are gone, but the inner problem remains unsolved.

Then, your soul will either create a reoccurrence of the same condition or it will materialize a new illness in the body.

Yes, there are people who healed from procedures and drugs. Here is how that works—A person who believes in the effectiveness and authority of doctors is given a medication, an operation and a course of treatment. They believe in the help that is given to their body and feel safe enough to look within and solve the emotional problem. The drug alone did not cure them. Their expectation, belief and faith in the treatment allowed them to heal their body, their mind and to elevate their soul’s growth. And yes, I fully support the use of doctors, drugs and procedures.

That is why people who have undergone a health crisis always say that their illness was their greatest blessing and a teacher, because it allowed them to finally take time for themselves and take care of themselves.

You understand this. But here is the real challenge for you.

You believe that you create your reality. You have manifested great things in your life. Yet, when it comes to health and your body you feel powerless. You believe in miracles. You have seen others heal miraculously. Yet, you don’t know how to trigger the miracle of your healing.

“Miracles are nature unimpeded,” said Seth.

Our work together will solve the emotional problem that caused your illness. And you will give very clear direction of healing to your body.

You will transcend your old, officially-accepted beliefs about your body and its health, and so allow nature to take its course.

As a result, you will trigger your healing and bring about exuberant health.

As you solve the inner challenge, your soul will reach greater levels of achievement and fulfillment.

You will feel powerful and free. And to the core of your being, you will know confidently that you do create your body and your life.

With me as your mentor and a

community of people on the same

journey who elevate you and

support you …

  • A powerful 12 month mastermind with people who know why they must heal and who are committed to doing the inner work needed.
  • We will have a group Voxer chat full of high level conversation daily. I will be answering questions, teaching and guiding you in the chat daily M-F.
  • We will meet once a week to deliver transformative teachings to guide you on the journey of healing your body, do the work and celebrate our milestones.
  • You get a 1:1 past life regression with me to understand your soul’s journey, so we can go deep into identifying your emotional problem and clear the past, and create the greatest expression of your desire for soul growth.
  • Plus you get access to all classes I release during the period.

It all began with me healing a very painful TMJ condition using past life regression. I continued teaching on and using the power of past life regression to bring about emotional and physical healing to others. In time, I was willing to accept and own my power, as I was shown that it is not the tools I use that heal people. It is me and my energy that empowers people to transcend their past and heal their lives.

Over the years I have worked with countless people to solve their inner issues and heal their bodies. 

Results from prior clients include: healing cancer, underactive and overactive thyroid conditionsautoimmune disease, infertility, herpes, TMJ, asthmamigraines, eyesight, hair regrowth, neuritis, and too many more conditions to list.

I have created a proven and repeatable method of solving the inner problem that causes the illness and guiding the body into healing.

Now it is your time to heal and be full of energy, vitality and to have exuberant health.

  • 12 month mastermind
  • Weekly live calls with channeled guidance and transformative inner work with you to guide on the journey of healing your body
  • 1 private past life regression
  • Unlimited group Voxer access
  • Access to all classes I release during the period
  • Please email us at [email protected] for price and application

Disclaimer: The information provided in this program or any other of Mira Kelley’s programs is not offered as medical or psychological advice and should not be considered medical or psychological advice. It is not intended to replace your relationship with your health care providers nor should you stop taking any medication. Always seek the advice of a physician, qualified health care professional and qualified mental health care professional regarding any physical, mental, or emotional conditions. You recognize and agree that Mira Kelley has made no implications, warranties, promises, suggestions, projections, representations or guarantees whatsoever to you.