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Lisa:   Well hello there and welcome to Consciousness Caffeine radio. This is rainbow warrior goddess Lisa and I hope everyone is having an absolutely wonderful Wednesday. See, today is March 4th, so we’re finally through the last day of mercury shadow. Which after mercury goes retro-grade, it’s, then had the shadow where even though mercury retro-grade is over, it kinda still clogs things up and slows down communication and things like that.So today is an absolutely beautiful day out here at west. I hear the east coast is having some really nasty storm, wild winter storms so, blessings to all of you; I hope you’re warm and wonderful and listening to our show. We have a really special guest today, in honor of this  and we’re coming up on spring equinox for March, anew rebirth in this Earth  and perfect on point topic today for our guest Mira Kelley. Our topic today is “Past Life Regression and Healing” with Mira Kelley.

She is a past life regression therapist and author of “Beyond Past Lives”. She’s going to discuss what past life regression is and the role it plays in healing and transformation and a heaven of a lot more. This is a really interesting lady, she’s got quite a story. First, just a little bit about her, she grew up in Bulgaria where at the age of 13, she had a very powerful regression experience. And with great courage and trust in her heart, Mira followed her intuition and came to the US to go to college. Following her graduation from law school, get that, law school, Mira practiced as a corporate and securities attorney in a large law firm in New York City.

A painful physical condition led her to rediscover the instantaneous emotional and physical healing available through regression. Now she assists people in transforming their lives. She travels around the world holding regression workshops and also conducts private regression sessions for people, personally. For which she currently has a 2 year waiting list, there you go girl and a goddess.

Stories about Mira’s sessions are included in “Wishes Fulfilled” by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer and in “Miracles Happen” by Brian L. Weiss, M.D.; She is the creator of the best-selling audio CD, “Healing Through Past Life Regression and Beyond” and the author of “Beyond Past Lives: What Parallel Realities Can Teach Us about Relationships, Healing, and Transformation” .

We’re in for a wonderful re-education here today and I really love about all of it. So much of the true stuff that we’re ignoring specially in the west regarding the aspect of our spirituality and all the unseen, as put out as , well we have a very well-known and amazing woman here who went to law school and this is her reality. She traded in law for doing past life regression and healing, a much more admirable profession in my .

Welcome to Consciousness Caffeine Mira, thank you so much for coming today

Mira:   Hello Lisa, it’s such a pleasure to speak with you and to connect with our listeners

Lisa:   Yes, we usually have quite a nice little group of people especially for the second hour, when we let callers call in and share of your wisdom and also perhaps share their past life regression experience or any questions they may have. Before we get into exactly what past life regression is, why don’t you tell us a little about your story and how this came to be your reality?

Mira:   Absolutely. So as you mentioned, I grew up in a communist country. And back then, there was no discussion of spirituality in my life. I remember growing up and there was never a conversation of God or angels or the divine, much less, about reincarnation. And so, when communism came down as a regime, there was this influx of spiritual information and huge hunger, people were so deeply craving this kind of material and because it was not really present there for a very long period of time.

And so, and there was not really any judgment or an authority that was saying, “This is valid and this is not valid”, right. As you can imagine, people will talk about all kinds of metaphysical topics along with simply going to church. And it was all, all accepted, it was all interesting to people. And so, that’s the kind of environment that I had in my background when I discovered past life regression.

I came across a book that told stories of the physical and emotional healing that is possible through past life regression. And I was so intrigued by this book, by these stories, that out of curiosity, I simply wanted to know about my past life. And so, Lisa, I created my very first recording, past life regression recording. And I remember, as I was getting ready to listen to it and regress myself, I remember thinking, “I don’t have any phobias, I don’t have any illnesses, I’m only 13, why am I doing this?” you know that awareness, what is happening here. But the curiosity was so strong that I really wanted to explore that.

And so I uhmm, we had a experience, and I was just lying down, you know, very relaxed, very much in a meditative state as the recording was guiding me, all of a sudden, I found myself in a different woman’s body and it was all flowing through my mind as if a vision, a picture, movie picture was going through my mind. And I had a very powerful experience, and you know, ever since then, the validity of this has been so solidified in mind that it just, I haven’t even wondered, was that a real experience, just because in my own experience, and that it’s been so vivid and so exciting.

Lisa:   Yeah. That’s the key point, as I was telling you right before the show, I haven’t thought out myself uhmm, of past life regression per se although I really speak to my curiosity many, many, many times, but in my own experience journeying , the reality of it is just as real, if not, more in the reality we’re living at now.

Mira:   And I really love that you said “Even just as more” because truthfully, I remember second after second of each one of my regressions and yet, there are many days that I have  over the past few decades, in other words, I  don’t have memories of them. And yet, the regression stays so vividly imprinted on my mind, so yes, you’re absolutely right, yeah.

And you know, there was a big gap there for me, of a few years, because as you can imagine, as a teenager, other things were more interesting, my mind was different places as you grow up. And so, eventually, I was living in New York City and I was practicing a court  in a large law firm.

And out of a simple, very simple dental procedure, just simply changing a filing, nothing, you know, nothing extreme there, I actually developed a TMJ condition. And for those of the listeners who don’t know what a TMJ condition is, it’s simply the inflammation of the muscles of the jaw and the inflammation just really clinching and creating tightness and pain in the face and in the shoulders and in the muscles of the neck.

And so the thing for me was so extreme, so extreme that I actually couldn’t even open my mouth to put a spoonful of food in my mouth, you know, it was that bad. And as you can imagine, something like that really impacts the quality of your life every single moment of every single day.

And so I was struggling with this for about a year, Lisa, and then my dentist sat me down then he said to me, “Mira we need to be realistic”, you know, he said, “Whatever was we’ve been doing has not been working and now you have two options”. And he suggested I either do an operation. And he describes to me that the operation involves breaking my jaw. Can you imagine, breaking the jaw and then reattaching it back with wires, so that hopefully the muscles can heal once the jaw is broken, just, which doesn’t even make sense.

Or the second option he suggested to me was to actually learn to live with chronic pain for the rest of my life, and I know that every one of our listeners who has ever had the slightest bit of pain knows that when it hurts, it hurts. You cannot even think of anything else, right, because, just the pain takes over your entire awareness.

And so it was in this place where I found myself completely desperate, you know, that feeling of “I need a solution, something that really is going to work”. And out of my desperation, I actually remembered the regression I did when I was a little girl, you know, it was that moment of divine inspiration that came through for me and gave me the answer.

And Lisa, I very quickly I found a practitioner to do a past regression with, just because I simply didn’t know where else to go and I was really, really desperate for a quick healing. And so, I experienced the regression in which I saw myself as a very strong, physically strong, tall slave, a black man who is very strong and yet, he’s spirit is very broken, you know, because of being enslaved and having his freedom taken away.

And as this man, I have this metal collar  around my neck where the chain will be placed so that I’m pulled around, you know, and really locked. And there was this imperfection when the chain was put together, the collar was put together. And so that imperfection was always hitting, right, hitting my jaw where my main pain was.

And I have to tell you, there was such an awareness of such a cathartic experience of emotions being released and the sadness and the emotions around everything being so, you know, really sad. And I spent the rest of the day pretty much crying and not even knowing how to make sense out of this experience, see myself as a slave.

And yet, here’s the miracle of the story. The next morning, I woke up and the pain was completely gone, it was just gone and my dentist didn’t know what to make out of it, because of course, back then, I didn’t feel comfortable with my spiritual  and how quick I healed myself so I didn’t tell him anything. And so, he just simply said, “Wow, that’s a miracle” and he left it at that.

And so this is how I got re-introduced back in to the field of past life regression. And ever since then, it has been my greatest joy and excitement to bring this work to more and more people.

Lisa:   And that is the most inspired and successful healers are just that, it comes from your own empirical experience and the desire to share it with everyone. So that’s beautiful, it’s really a beautiful story, I can’t believe it , 13 you had , quite young.

Mira:   (Laughs). Yes, I think I was shown the path there. And so many of us, , we discover our passion so early on but because we’re fed so many beliefs on what we are to do with our lives, we, you know, we veer in other directions and eventually, we come back to who we truly are and what is our path in life.

Lisa:   Oh, I would have to agree wholeheartedly, I’ve changed professions a few times but interestingly enough, every time I change now, they’re all coming together in one.

Mira:   Yes, absolutely. Because, you know, you were never really off your path, you really are never going in the wrong direction, there’s no such thing. Everything serve you, everything is there to give you a peak of yourself, to teach you something. So even if it looks like you have removed yourself so far away from yourself, it’s still information that you can use to your greatest good and your benefit. So absolutely, I totally agree with you that wherever you have been now, it serves you in the best possible way

Lisa:   I agree wholeheartedly with these . I just wanna make a mention, quick, there’s a caller with her hand raised already. Just so you know, I see you caller but we don’t open for question till the top of the hour, so it will be about 45 minutes, but you’re first in line and I just didn’t you to think I didn’t see you. Also for the listeners today, live especially, blog  having some issues with our slideshow and you can’t see how absolutely gorgeous Mira is but I will correct it as, they’re working again, oh, you really are adorable. Quite beautiful.

Mira:   Thank you.

Lisa:   Yes, your soul shines through greatly. So just for some of my listeners that might be new to past life regression, why don’t you explain exactly what the process is? I’m sure a lot of people are wondering

Mira:    I would love to. Past life regression is a gentle and very easy experience that allows people to tune within and to connect with other lifetimes they have lived. So, in terms of practice, it’s very similar to meditation. It’s something very easy to do, each one of us is very capable of connecting with our dreams.

As you and I spoke earlier Lisa, we are able to connect with our dreams, we are able to connect with our past life in our dreams sometimes spontaneously we have visions and awareness as of other life times. And of course, regression is another very easy access tool for people to use to understand and connect with other lifetimes.

And the reason why we wanna explore our past life, and of course, our future life as well, is so that we can receive emotional and physical healing, so that we can address the challenges that we have in our life. And I really love past life regression because it’s such a unique approach to healing anything and everything. There isn’t a challenge that you’re having right now that we cannot address through past life regression.

Because your lifetimes are always there for you to guide you, to help you, to share. The themes that you are working on in the present moment are themes your soul has been explored in different lifetimes. So by simply connecting with other lifetimes, you are able to see the relationships you have with the people in your present life. Your lovers, your children, your parents, the people who challenge you at work and really make your life difficult.

People are able to address through regression issues such as “What is my life purpose. How am I to move forward. How am I to use the gift”, or even the basic, the even more basic question of “What are my gifts, what am I here to do?”. Of course, people are successfully able to address emotional issues, things like sense of unworthiness, depression, you name it, I have seen people use that for emotional challenges and of course, physical challenges, anything that you have physically going on, it’s simply the body speaking to and telling you what you have not integrated in terms of lessons and learning, and we address that through past life regression and naturally the body reflects that healing. So I really love this work because you can use it in everything and anything

Lisa:   No, it is really an all-purpose, sounds like an amazing all-purpose tool.  And, more than anything, I just love what you were just sharing about the past, all your other lifetimes.  Contrary to what the populace, the majority of the populace anyway believe, is that past lives are our pasts and our future lives, are our potential future and changing.  Why don’t you explain to them how that actually is not accurate.

Mira:  So, I came into this information’s of lifetimes are simultaneous quite in an interesting way in my own practice.  So I had the opportunity to work with a man who was very detailed in his description of his other lifetimes.  He would give me names, he would give me dates, he would give me places.  So it was very easy to keep track of the year, it’s because he was doing that.  And so, with him we experienced six lifetimes.  And all of these six lifetimes were overlapping in time.  And so all six lifetimes happened, were happening, are happening in the same hundred thirty year period.

And as I was hearing him go through a lifetime after lifetime after lifetime and still telling me about these overlapping historic moments, I was really blown away Lisa as I was listening to him.  My mind was really struggling and saying, “How is this even possible” because up until that point I had believed that reincarnation is a flat line process.  In other words, it’s a linear process; it goes from one moment to the next, to the next.

So I used to believe that a soul will be created and say that soul will create a lifetime for itself during the time of Jesus.  Then it will create a lifetime during say, the 11th century.  Then it will create a lifetime in, during the industrial revolution.  Then a soul hopefully will learn some more, there will be some lessons, hopefully it wouldn’t gather too much karma, and if it creates any karma, it will go to its next lifetime, say the 1800, or present day, and so on and on and on.  I used to believe that incarnation is a linear progression.  And so when I started working with this man, when I was working with this man, I really had this moment of shock of what is happening, “How could this possibly be happening?”  And as I deal with every client, be it with one of my recordings, or be it in a workshop, or be it in person, I always make sure to guide the person to connect with their higher self, with their angels, with their guides so that they can receive answers to the most pressing questions that they have on their minds.

And so when this man connected with his spirit guide, I couldn’t wait to ask the question of “What just happened?  How is it possible that we went through six lifetimes all taking place in the same hundred thirty years?” And I received a very simple and very easy to understand answer to my question.  I was told that time exists for us here on Earth, but to our souls there is no such thing as time.  So, our souls are able to create lifetimes that are not limited by time. So we experience time here on Earth so that we can learn creation and so that  we can experience our mastery as creators, in time.

But to the soul that is creating this lifetime there is no such limitation.  And so this  like a simple answer.   It has really resonated with me; it felt like, you know, very deeply spoke to me.  But it still was one of those things that blew my mind away and created a whole lot of, you know, “what about this, and what about that.”  And questions and implications and Lisa, it was at this period of working to teach me a lesson there because all of a sudden all this other people started coming up and also was regressions during which would have overlapping lifetimes.  And so that’s how, I can elaborate on this and so much more.  But that is how I was introduced to this idea that lifetimes are simultaneous, they’re from a perspective of our soul, and even though we think of time as linear, really lifetimes are parallel to one another.

Lisa:  And so actually not only are, it’s all happening at once and we just happen to be plugged in mostly here.  Is that correct?

Mira:  Absolutely, yes.   And so what happens is, when a soul is looking to learn a specific lesson, a very easy example to give is the lesson of love because we all love ‘LOVE’ and we understand love inside out.  And so, when a soul wants to learn about love, the soul wouldn’t create only one lifetime that is very loving and very fulfilling, right?  Because then, the soul wouldn’t have a balanced understanding of this game of love.  You also need your experience betrayal, you also need to betray.  The soul also needs to experience being abandoned, say, as a child in an orphanage.  Or simply by a mother who couldn’t handle being a mother even though she love the child and she had moments of just completely checking out, and be it on drugs, or be it on drinking, or you can imagine.

Or the devotion that comes when parents has their own children or the romantic devotion we experience  or the love we experience for our parents in being there for them when they age and when we need to take care of them.  So all these different interplays of love, all these different aspects of love, and so many others, when our soul is simply looking to learn the balanced understanding of what love is.

And so when a soul wants to create all this lifetimes to experience the theme of love, our soul wouldn’t, is to pick a very expansive span of time and  sprinkle them over centuries and large spans of time.  Or, the soul can say, “You know what, this hundred year period” or in this client’s case, “this hundred thirty year period is so fruitful for me. It’s socio-economic environment will be ideal, the political environment is ideal, all this other souls that I want to connect and create lifetimes with will be there for me so I can learn.  So I’m just gonna create all six of my lifetimes in the same chunk of time.”

And so the soul is really free to re-arrange things in anyway it chooses.  But, as you said, and as I discovered, in reality, all these lifetimes are simultaneously unfolding right now even though they have happened in the thirteenth century let’s say.  So that’s really very interesting  to think how your past life are unfolding at present  and when you have experienced, when you have done a regression with simply one possible reality, one possible version of that lifetime.

Lisa:  That is just amazing and it’s really interesting because one thing I’ve noticed is that as holistic medicine and all these more spiritual approaches have started to find their way into our consciousness out here in the West, there are people who seem to be very moot to any of the unnatural changes and it has to do with, you know, dietary and detoxing the body and enough hydration and exercise and things like this.  And when we are done fixing all those things, there’s usually an emotional factor if it doesn’t go away.  And this not only heals you for this lifetime, it’s the capacity to heal at your soul’s higher self-level to help complete the lesson.  Will that be a correct way of describing it Mira?

Mira:   Absolutely.  I really like how you explained that.  And so, and so, also the other things that I want to add on to this and tell people is, if you have had a regression and in if you had experienced for yourself a story where you were in a very sad place, right, something unfortunate happening in that lifetime, I want to encourage you and tell you that, that lifetime is not over and done with even though in your mind it seems as if, “Yeah, I saw a story that was sad and unfortunate.”

I want to encourage you and tell you to consider that lifetime as filled with possibilities even though you have seen only one option unfold, because the very same way when you think about your future right now, you think of it as filled with possibilities.  You can go left, or right, and depending which way you go, there are so many choices you can make from thereon and so many other path that can be split off from one simple left or right.

So, in other words, every new choice creates a new reality.  And so, if you had an experience where in another lifetime you have seen sudden unfortunate things, I want to encourage you to reach out to this lifetime’s in your mind and simply talk to them.  Simply encourage them, simply tell them that it’s possible for them to be empowered, it’s possible for them to do things differently.  And because we’re always connected to our lifetimes, you know we always share especially in our dreams, we always communicate, we always tell each other stories.

Lisa, I have a sister, so when she and I get on the phone or the case, this is a valid example with any of my friends, when we get on the phone, we talk, we share, we share our challenges, we listen, we give each other advice, we support each other, we laugh some, we tell each other silly stories, and then when we get on the phone, you know there’s that change in energy.  I feel different, I feel lighter, I feel supported, I feel loved,  I feel like I’m part of my community.  And so the same things happen when we connect with our other lifetime, you know, we share and exchange information.

So I know each one of us has been in a place where there’s that  feeling of clouds overhead, you know, that feeling of things are not working out.  I’m struggling, I feel stuck, I feel depressed, I feel powerless.  And then, all of a sudden, one morning you wake up, you shake off your shoulders, you know that feeling of just shaking off your shoulders and saying, “I feel different.   I feel lighter.  I feel easier, I don’t know why.  But I feel that things are already getting better.”

And so, you’ll never know where that inspiration came from, right?  It could have been your angels, your guides,  taking place in your dreams, in other dimensions, or it could have been something in another lifetime coming through and telling you, “You don’t have to suffer.  Check out what I’m doing, this is how I’m learning our . What do you think? You should do it differently?”

Yes, and so, there’s so much joy in sharing that we can do with our soul and with our lifetimes and really take that opportunity to heal and expand in ways that are very exciting.

Lisa:   That, and you make it very exciting too!

Mira:  Thank you, thank you.  It’s such a simple and joyful process and yet the impact it has on our day to day living is absolutely tremendous.  The impact it has on our lives, you know, to just simply do a regression and allow for the expansion of our understanding and the empowerment that comes through it.

Lisa:   And there’s the key word.  Healing is not so much about escaping or eradicating suffering, but actually remembering who we are.  As you said, we are so gifted and to come back into our power to be able to serve that.  At least, from my humble perspective, why don’t you on that, or elaborate on that?

Mira:   Well you know, you know what?  The more you grow, the more you expand.  And the more you expand, the more you find yourself in contact with, right?  So naturally as you grow, you won’t come into places that are not pleasant to feel, that are not pleasant to sense within yourself, the challenges, the childhood hurt and wound that we buried in the back of our minds. And yet, the more you grow, you have to integrate those; otherwise, you keep yourself stuck in the limitation you have experienced in the past.

So, as you said, it’s not about escaping because you know, where you are, there you are.  In other words, there is no place to go, everywhere you go, you are within yourself, you always carry yourself with you.  So the more you remember yourself, the more your divinity, the more you expand your life.  Naturally, you’re going to come across those challenges, those fears, those emotions that need to be healed.  But fear not. (Laughs)   I promise you, once you get on the other side of things, you’ll be in such a bigger, and better and brighter place.  So as you grow and as you remember your divinity, it’s not about disowning yourself, it’s really about integrating all of yourself, all of your life, loving all of yourself, even the things that you have disowned  in the past and bringing light into that, you know, and healing through simple love and compassion.

Lisa:   So actually, it’s not only the type of work you’ve already explained, it’s actually almost a form of shadow work because whatever we suppress, we’re forced  to face in the world so it’s something our soul chose to experience and what we’ve chosen to suppress until now, correct?

Mira:   I, you know, we are, yes.  Because the lessons we are learning are the most wonderful, exciting opportunity for us to grow and know more of ourselves.  And we were never given, we never create more for ourselves than what we can handle.  So really, we find ourselves in a place where once you move over the mountain you look around and you say, “Yes! I am done with this challenge and I feel that I’m in a bigger, better, brighter place.”

And that’s why initially you were saying the most passionate and powerful healers come from a place of having healed themselves already because once you know that you don’t have to suffer, once you know how you heal, that there’s a different way, you want to share that. You want to inspire people, to claim their life. So yeah, absolutely.

Lisa:  That’s so beautiful.  There’s one thing that really stood out.  It’s a question among, it’s gonna go a little out of topic but it’s a question that I had her actually, the story I wanted to hear.  It was obvious that there was a particular woman, one of your client that actually had a very, very interesting, memorable experience regarding how souls are created.  Would you mind going to that story since we’re on an obvious wonderful, fantastical, most amazing, magical yet real thing that we are speaking of today?

Mira:   (Laughs) I would love to tell you that story, I really do love talking about her.  So I had a wonderful opportunity a few years back to do a past life regression with Dr. Wayne Dyer, I had the opportunity to regress him. And it was such an impactful experience for him; It was really life-changing, impactful experience and impacted his health his understanding of who he is. It gave him so, so much that he immediately recognized the value and validity of this work.

And he, since then had become and is one of most avid supporter.  So, he immediately began talking about our regression as soon as we were done with our session.  And the very first person he was able to share with was his daughter, Serena.  And Serena was very intrigued by past life regression; she wanted to experience it for herself.  And so she asked me if she and I can be in a regression and I was delighted to work with her.  And working with her actually had given me so much and I know it has served her in tremendous ways as well.

So Serena experienced herself as the keeper of a plain of existence.   She didn’t go into a past life; she didn’t go into a future life in this particular story that I’m telling you, she simply experienced herself as a keeper of a plain.  And this is the plain where souls path through on their way to being born into human bodies on Earth. And she described to me that there’s so many extraordinary details, by the way Lisa, about this plain of existence.   And I told the story of Serena’s description and the implications of it in full in my book, Beyond Past Life.  But I would save that for those of you who are curious and want to know more when you read the book.

And so Serena told me that there were a few doorways to which souls will come, in way, portals through which souls will come to her plain of existence and she said that one of the portals was for a newly created souls.  And I was so intrigued by that.  I asked her if we go, if we can go, if we can actually go through that portal and go to the place where souls are created.  The power of the mind in a state of relaxation during regression is absolutely astounding.  People truly can experience the mysteries of the universe in regression.  And I guess you witnessed that with my clients so often.

And so Serena described to me that souls get created simply by light and, by the knowing of the soul being needed. And I asked her, “Well, where this knowing so that the soul gets created coming from”, who gives the order, right, where does this request coming from.

And she describe to me that all of existence, “All that is” feels within itself that all of a sudden, there’s the need  for a new experience. There is something new that “All that is” wants to experience and understand and create. So there is the awareness within “All that is”that it no longer “All that is”, right. And so (Laughs)… And so within itself, it feels this need for something to come into being and be created and that answer is being given by the creation of a new soul.

And so I heard this and I was blown away. I was really taken by this Lisa because I realized, “Oh my God”. So in reality, even before we are created, we are actually seen as worthy. The divine already sees the benefit of our existence, the divine already knows the contribution that we’re going to bring into the world and to the universe. So we’re that  piece that completes “All that is”, that without us, “All that is” is not “All that is”.

And yet, you know, yet, when we come here on Earth, when we get born into our human bodies and grow up in to adults, we become so good at devaluing our self. We become so good at putting ourselves down and saying,” Yeah, poor me. Yeah, I don’t belong, I don’t fit, nobody’s there for me, nobody cares about me, I’ve got nothing to offer, who am I to be doing this. I’m too old. I’m too young. I’m too this, I’m too that. I’m not enough”.

In other words, we really, very actively advocate for our limitations, you know, and for our unworthiness. So in a way we say, “God, you made a mistake. In all of creation, you made a mistake with us, because you created us.” And so in a way we are saying to God, “Yeah, God created us from spare parts. He was just having some spare parts and deciding, ‘Yeah, I’ll just put you together just in case”.

And yet, that is  from the truth. The truth being that you’re so loved, so desired, so wanted even before you came into existence. And you know, the love that “All that is”, the Divine God, whatever your word for God is, is so unconditional towards us and from the get-go, we were created with free will. And so naturally, because we have this free will, we’re free to devalue ourselves, we’re free to claim that “All that is”doesn’t really love us, doesn’t really think us worthy, doesn’t really support us.

And because in its love, its support for us, God is completely unconditional, there’s no conditions, right. God is not saying, “Yeah, I’m gonna love you only if you show me and you really prove to me that you know that you’re deserving”, right, it doesn’t work that way. God says to us, “I will support you in anything you wanna create even if, what you’re choosing to create is so far from the truth of who you are, from you essence, from your divinity, from the magnificence that is in the core of yourself.”

And so, the moment we start waking up to our worthiness, I know that the divine is standing right beside us and saying, “Finally, finally! Finally you are waking to the truth of who you are. I mean, I will keep on supporting you if you want to devalue yourself. But please understand I love you so much that the moment you open up, I’m going to rush in and show you in every possible way how loved you are, how nurtured you are. I’m gonna give you everything your heart desires because you are my most beloved child.”

And so, I really want to encourage our listeners to open up and start claiming their worthiness Lisa because all our challenges in their core, I really ask, really advocating very strongly for how unworthy and undesirable you are.

Lisa:   Well you know, that is just absolutely beautiful. I, personally as well, I’m all about the magic and the enchantment and the wonderful secrets, mystical beauty of the multiverse. But specifically, I’m one of those souls who, I mean my personal life has been so filled with challenges which didn’t kill me and only made me stronger, luckily but, I was also one who’s come into a world that appeared to not have any love. In my family and, I was just attacked constantly.

My mother gave me up for adoption, after taking me to the nuns. This kind of thing that had nothing but shame through my existence and wanted to eradicate because I was the scarlet letter, and I’ve often wondered and I’ve come to the conclusion that obviously I had something bigger to do but, more than that, it was exactly what you just said, I knew that I filled up on what I call “Mother Earth and Father Sun” but the divine source, I just felt like there’s no way anyone could’ve survived what I went through, specifically as a child and then, what I kept recreating in my life if there wasn’t, you know, this infinite love that filled us all from within.

Mira:   Very beautifully said. And you know, I know that at her heart, your mom was struggling with the same issues, right. She was struggling with her own unworthiness; she was struggling with her own sense of who she is. And I was recently doing a retreat in Maui and one of the wonderful people who was there in the group with us said something very and yet very beautifully put. She said, “Hurt people hurt people”.

In other words, if you have been hurt and if you’ve been deprived of love and nurture and you don’t know anything else, you don’t know any better than to hurt others. So I’m delighted to know that despite of these struggles Lisa, you were able to claim who you are and reconnect with the truth of who you are, and now you serve and you are in a place where you remind others of how loved they are, of how, that they simply set up that souls need these challenges so that they can move through them, so that they can grow through them and so that they can find themselves in bigger and better places and really know themselves like they have just discovered themselves for the first time.

Because, there’s nothing like that feeling of having triumphed over limitations and seeing the magnificence of yourself and saying, “Yes, I’ve got me. I love me.”

Lisa:   Yes, it was a long journey but you banged it on the nail in the head, I mean, I knew that she just didn’t love herself at all and didn’t fill her own needs and, so there is no way that she could ever  fulfill mine. And I knew that, you know, she’d experienced some kind of trauma, obviously, a very severe amount of kind to be as shut down as she was. And that’s why it was so easy, well I knew…

Mira:   Absolutely

Lisa:   That word, no way but it’s the word “Easy” came out of my mouth….

Mira:   (Laughs) Yeah. And you know, that the sense of not feeling worthy and deserving of anything, really shows up in every possible way, in every ah, I know it has been showing up in my own personal life. This is something that I have been working through, so I know, it’s definitely in your life, in the listeners life.

And so, when that challenge is claiming your worthiness and really very comfortably standing in it, we see it reflecting everywhere around us, we see it reflecting in our ability to create a decent living, right. Have a living that support us, supports us to, we see the challenges in our career, in our profession, in our ability to live our purpose and just serve the world with our gifts and financially reward us for that.

In our ability to open up to relationships and experience love, be it with our children but also with our lovers. And so, when it comes to love relationships, we are so funny how we deal with this need for, you know, with this mutual connection because the need for love and connection is really one of our deepest core needs. And we have so many funny ways of needing that need and in a way, dancing around our pains and wounds and, yes, so there’s quite a lot to be said about working with past life regression to claim your worthiness

Lisa:   Beautifully, beautifully and eloquently stated. The other thing, specifically as well, in addition is that when we realize that our soul actually chose our experiences and the challenges that they’re facing, it really, at least for me, was the key switch into being able to step out of victimhood. When I realized that my soul chose it so I couldn’t blame it on anyone (Laughs)

Mira:   And it’s such a good point that you’re making, absolutely. Stepping out of victimhood is really that first moment of empowerment. And so that I empower our listeners even more of this, I want to elaborate on this and say that, if you were to come to Earth without any parameters around you, if you were to be born, the variety is bigger than the biggest, you know, buffet you have ever been to. Because there’s so many varieties of opportunities to learn, to grow, to connect with others, to experience, just the possibilities are endless.

So what our souls do is we decide, “Ok, this is what I want to learn” before they get born on Earth, right. So they decide, “This is the lesson that I want to learn, this is what I want to work through and these kinds of parents will actually fit me best because there will be that environment, that , that will receive the seed that I am and will help me grow in that environment so they will feed me with their beliefs and limitations. They’re going to pass on to me their socio-economic environment so they will become my truth as well.”

So in a way, our parents are simply the, they’re that moment of the setting up your stage, so that from there on, you can really have a starting point. But from then on, it’s really up to is to accelerate and to grow and to move the pieces on that board and really end our life in a place where we look back and we say, “Now that was a life fully lived”.

Oh, and I wanna say something Lisa, so this is just to give us a moment of laugh, of a laughter. So when I was working with this client who experienced 6 lifetimes, after every lifetime, his soul will leave the body, he will reconnect with his spirit guide, they will talk about what he accomplished and what he didn‘t and then choose another lifetime and be born again.

And so, after, in one of his lifetimes he actually committed suicide, he was not able to handle the loneliness, he was not able to handle the lesson of that lifetime, so he simply wanted to end it all, and he did. And when he died, the spirit guide met him and said, “Ok, you have all the time in the world but you really didn’t complete the learning you wanted to understand and complete, so consider what you wanna do.” And he decided to very quickly be born into life again so that he can complete that lesson.

So in the next lifetime, he has the same challenges of being alone, of being cut off from the world. But, in that lifetime, he stuck it to the end, he really didn’t take his life, he stuck it to the end. But he kept things very simple, he didn’t impress with anybody, he didn’t have any friends, didn’t care much about anything, it was such a basic life, it was all about just showing up at work, not really caring about much of anything, not even having a partner, and then going home, sleeping, watching TV, waking up, you know, such a mundane, flat experience.

And so, when he died, his spirit guide met him and said, “Wow, you kept things really very Vanilla. You kept things so basic.” And you know, patted him on the shoulder and said, “That’s alright though”. So I love to tell people, listen, if you find yourself in midst of challenges, in midst of things being so busy, so crazy, so insane and you’re saying to yourself, “Why is this happening to me, how did I do this, why am I doing this to myself?”, I wanna tell you, at the end of your life, when your spirit leaves the body you’ll say, “Ok, that was a life well lived” that really, you might add “so well”. I really, yes, you’re doing very well if you have challenges in your life.

Lisa:   Well thank you, I’ve come to that conclusion myself a little while ago but it’s always so lovely to hear somebody said  and intelligent and thorough to validate it once again. It just put a big smile in my face, you know, another thing that have been shown to me when I was a child, I always called it, that I didn’t, that I’m not a victim, not always, but as I started to finally heal, I look back and saw that, you know, it was actually quite fertile soil, my seed was planted in. And all that compost, the rotting, smelling compost that I came from actually gave me much more nutrition for which to start higher from.

But we could, actually this is a really good break point. For just a moment, if you don’t mind Mira, I just have to do a quick station identification and we’ll have a quick music break, and then we’ll open up our caller line. We had a whole bunch of callers going on with their hands raised, I think they got tired of waiting so I’m going to let them know that we are gonna open up our Rainbow Warrior Circle and the caller line when we come back from our music break. So thank you so much Mira, we’ll be right back

Mira:   Yes thank you

Lisa:   You’re so adorable, I love you. So, just to the listeners who are just listening in now or came on late, you’re listening to Consciousness Caffeine Radio. This is Rainbow Warrior Goddess Lisa and today our topic is “Past Life Regression and Healing with Mira Kelley”. She is a very amazing woman here with us, she is just, she’s so spritey like a fairy godmother, and very intelligent. And she’s discussion past life regression therapy and her book, “Beyond Past Lives” with Hayhouse.

She’s also endorsed and had the wonderful experience of being able to do past life regression with Wayne Dyer and has some really wonderful secrets to us to share about the truth of the magic of the universe and our souls and our lives. So I ask you to hold on quickly while we go into our music break, quickly.

But before that, just to give you the guest call-in number for the Rainbow Warrior Circle when we come back, the number is 347-996-5226. Once again that number is 347-996-5226. When you call in, just press 1 to raise your hand, so that means your hands raised and I know you wanna, me to open your mic and have a question or share     for Mira. So I’m sure everyone has some amazing questions for her because this is just a really fun topic and it actually has so much repercussion over all our, all of us, no matter who we are because it’s not only finding out that we have all our lives going on simultaneously, that we have the power to past life regression                 to address and get at the root of what our soul desire is, to experience, heal from and bring into the world when we find your gifts there. Just so beautiful and so magical.

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So once again, we’re gonna open the Rainbow Warrior Circle after this first music break right here and this, along the line to the topic is Gilli Moon with Enchanted Forrest, just the way the multi-verse really is.

-Music Break-

Lisa:   Welcome back to Consciousness Caffeine Radio, that was Gilli Moon with Enchanted Forrest. Talk about a spritely little goddess herself with a really neat song about different lives, so I thought that was so appropriate for today’s topic. So welcome back, as I said, to Consciousness Caffeine Radio, our topic today is “Past Life Regression and Healing with Mira Kelley”. She’s the author of “Beyond Past Lives” and a past life regression therapist as well.  Beyond Past Lives from Hayhouse. As I was saying earlier, she’s also, one of her clients was Wayne Dyer and he can’t [Indistinct (1:04:25)] about her enough as cannot I, she’s simply adorable and what a really wonderful conversation we’re having here today. I focused on all different kinds of topics here, but this is just a really fun and empowering and positive, happy one and I really like that. So welcome back to the show Mira.

Mira:   Thank you. Thank so much for having me and I’m delighted to know that we’ll be talking to some listeners because I love the conversations when [create], when we share.

Lisa:   I know, absolutely and that actually, part of our show is about gathering the rainbow warriors. So if you are from all different places and, you know, all different creeds and all different colors and all different beliefs all over the world bringing their gift back to bring back the old ways and new one to heal this Earth. So we’re on point, and it’s about creating little conscious community because a lot of people, a lot of our [thing (1:05:22)] to be spread out all over the place, so it’s about creating the community virtually so we know we can check in and be with our tribe.

So, I’m now opening up the rainbow warrior circle, the guest call in number, for those just joining us is 347-996-5226, once again, 347-996-5226. And I don’t seem to have gotten my callers back and I have callers there but non with their hand raised. So if you’d like to share or ask a question, go ahead and press 1 and we’ll open your line, but with that, why don’t we get back, there’s a couple other questions before I let you go to the callers Mira.

One of the things that I noticed in your experiences with some of your clients in your bio and thing, excuse me, bio and your press kit was just beautiful, because this is the stuff I love to talk about and it has to do with, did you, has it been your experience or I should say, what has been your experience as far as the past lives for your clients? They’re not just human lives, are they?

Mira:   Oh, I love that you are touching up on this. So, people are able to connect with other lifetimes that are non-human lifetimes just as easily because people have experienced lifetimes where they are other life forms. Things like monkeys and wolves and horses and camels and flowers and trees. And of course, things like mermaids and little elves.

And so people are able to connect with non-human lifetimes just as well they’re able to see themselves as spirit guides to other souls. As angels, as beings on other plains of existence to all the universe, as extraterrestrial on other planets or space crafts. Really, people are able to connect with any form of existence there is out there, because when you think about it, the consciousness of a flower is different than our consciousness, yet there’s a lesson there, there’s learning, there’s experience for the soul, and why would a soul limit itself only to human lifetimes when there’s so much to be experienced at other lifetimes as well.

Lisa:   Yes. That’s so funny because when I dream a lot, I think that in, when I was younger, I thought it was maybe because my childhood was so sad and not a very positive one, that I always thought that I dreamed about something else because I just wanted to get out of my body, my spirit and soul wouldn’t, was scared and didn’t like it here on the planet.

And I’m always with a unicorn or a Pegasus or a flying dragon or a flying lion and a mermaid, all the things you mentioned. And what’s so interesting is that at least here in the west, we take these beautiful children, I didn’t do this but primarily, our culture takes these beautiful children who are aware of all these things and some of them can still see them and have conversations with them, and we tell them that it’s all make believe. What is your take on that as far as how destructive that is to an individual?

Mira:   You know, that definitely [present (1:09:15)] there, and yet it’s so heart-warming when I hear stories of parents who are being changed by their own children. And so, I have come across many stories of children who starts remembering their past life as soon as they can talk. And the interesting thing about children remembering their past life is that, when kids talk about it, they drop these statements out of the blue, right, they say them very much as a matter of fact. And any parent will tell you if their child is talking about past life, they’re not talking about them the same way when they talk about other play and pretend moment. They really make it sound very much, as a matter of fact, there’s no room for debate, this is what happened when I was this age.

And so you, what comes out of the blue a number, a father telling me how he was driving his little girl in the back of the car, she was in her car seat. And all of a sudden she said, “Daddy, God sent me to you so that I can take very good care of you”. And that’s it, you know, and she’s done and then she bubbles about something else, right, possibly in a bubbly way talking about something else.

Or, a mommy’s changing her child’s diapers and she says to her, “Mommy, do you remember when I was the adult, when I was the mom and I was changing your diapers?” And things like that, right, and so it’s truly amazing when kids start connecting with other lifetimes.

And if the parent is already not exposed to this way of thinking, they are in for the biggest awakening of their life because, I remember speaking with a mother who had her son started remembering other lifetimes so she didn’t know where else to go for advice, this was not something she has ever even heard of, didn’t know what’s happening to her child and so she spoke to her pastor. And he said to her, “Oh your child is possessed. We need to do a ritual to actually chase away the demons”

Lisa:   Oh no

Mira:   And she looks at him and she said, “My child is not possessed”, and she had to, so she [overcome (1:11:32)] the problem herself in a place where she was like, “Ok, I need to discover what’s happening. I need to understand because my child is not possessed”, right.

And so, she started researching online and of course, all of a sudden, she discovered all this richness and the information out there and all this research that has been done for years and years at the University of Virginia where professors have been documenting, researchers have been documenting past lives remembered by children.

So I really love how children really bring us so much, they truly can be, creating the awakening for their parents as with all this cases that I mentioned to you. And of course, this is such a beautiful point to reinforce again, how natural it is for us to connect with other lifetimes. For some kids, it’s simply the awareness and the memory being present. For others, it’s through dreams. For others, it’s through ceremonies like shamanic ceremonies or past life regressions that we connect with our lifetimes. But there’s always so much benefit we derive out of that connection and knowing of our other lifetimes.

Lisa:   Yeah, I was gifted as a child but it didn’t go so well for me because it, my family didn’t honor it and said that I was lying and I was make-believing. I know, I even remember one time, my mother lost her purse, and it was, I just saw it in my head, where it was. And it was, where she worked but not where she usually kept it in a backroom in a drawer, in a cabinet actually, and I just told her exactly and she just thought I was making it up or whatever, even, later when she came back from work later, she actually punished me because she thought I had stolen it and hidden it.

Mira:   Oh no

Lisa:   Yeah, no, that thing went on more than not like, I remember my sister, I loved horses as I said when I was a kid and I had a babysitter that got me a horse with real fur and real mane and tail. And I called it Cole and I loved it with anything, that and my golden retriever, that was our family dog. And all of a sudden, one day I’m playing outside, in a tree, climbing and I just see in my head, my horse [get dropped in his leg break (1:13:56)] and I see my sister, and I see her hiding it under my bed and I immediately climbed down out of the tree, go running in the house, horrified and sure enough, go under my bed and there’s my horse with his leg broken. And I went, and I told my mother, and you know, it just wasn’t honored, but I, because of that, when my son was born, he’s one of the new crystal children who, like you said, and like, whatever regular rainbow warriors in the circle here said in the text chat that, he’s with his 3 grandchildren, these kids speaks so matter of factly about what is and the stories they tell.

I remember my son, the most magical little thing, just sitting at my breast, nursing and telling, “Mommy, our 3 favorite fairies are here” or telling me, you know, “Mommy, when I’m sleeping, I’m in the other world where I actually, my dad is the captain of the biggest spaceship in the whole universe. And he lets me drive sometimes and things like this and it was just like, so magical, it just so fills your heart and it keeps you young, that in itself is healing.

So, these kids actually gets to access their other lives and help us, they’re helping us to remember that as well.

Mira:   They really are, and the stories that you just told, oh how adorable, I love it, I love it. And how special it is for your son to have you as a mom, right, and how special it is for you to have him and honor him and it’s really marvelous, I absolutely love it.

Lisa:   Well, it was for 6 years and 8 months, but that’s another story, [Indistinct (1:15:38)], the topic, I don’t want to get us off point right now but yes, he had a very good start in life and I know that that will see [him (1:15:45)] through. It’s his challenges which his soul chose. So, but uhmm, after the part about the past life regression therapy itself, you have a 2 year waiting list, [Laughs], and I can see why, you’re absolutely magnetic and your energy, it’s just so bright and inspirational and for those listeners who have been listening to a lot of this, and while it’s all magic and heart opening and they’re starting to see their horizons and maybe even serving to remember one of their past lives.

What is it like to be a patient of yours? What would someone actually be thinking of or seeking to address to come see you and what might they expect to have happen as a result?

Mira:  Oh, it’s really an amazing experience; I love to work with people one on one because that’s really where we go deepest, right, with our work and with a focus on what is it that the person needs. And so truly, the work that I do is transformational in every possible way, and so that I serve more people, people have the opportunity to work with me, to connect with me.

Not only for a personal session, over Skype or in person, which I do both, but also to connect with me through any of my online events or any of my in-person workshops or [Indistinct (1:17:17)] my CD’s because that’s such an easy, easy way for people to get a, either get the physical copy of a CD or download the recording of it and immediately guide them to looking and into healing their past life.

And this also brings me to another thought that I want to, something else I want to share with our listeners Lisa. Because I have been enjoying this conversation so immensely and because I want to give a gift to our listeners, for the opportunity, you know, for me to share with them and to continue to serve them.

I want to encourage them to go on my website,, and it’s spelled, and right at the top of the page, there’s my smiling face and they can see how they can download my trust meditation. And so, this makes sense to people and why this is such a precious thing that I feel that I’m giving to people, you know, as a thank you, a gratitude.

I wanna tell you about trust a little bit. So, as we spoke earlier, I moved from being a corporate attorney to doing this work. So, it’s not that I just, you know, change my life a little bit, right, by a few degrees

Lisa:   [Laugh]

Mira:   I made this huge jump, this huge shift into a whole new field. And so, one of the things that I, but most supportive of me in that moment of transition was me realizing that I have the power to trust, realizing how important trust is. Because you know, people say to me often, “Mira, yeah, I need to learn how to trust.” And I hear this and I say to people, “Oh no, no. You are mistaken. You don’t need to learn how to trust, you already know how to trust.”

Because you know, we come on this Earth with this plan that we’re going to dive in so deep into the limitation of human life, we’re going to forget so much of our essence, we’re going to set aside so much of our ability to instantly create our power, our knowingness, our connection to the divine. We know we’re going to set aside and forget for a moment all that we are, so much of who we are.

And we’re going to have this human life and human challenges and experiences, and yet on the other side of this experience, we’re gonna come out of it, bigger and better for [it (1:20:09)], right. Having enriched our understanding of creation, having impacted and having [grown (1:20:15)] creation and “All that is” through our creativity.

And so, our souls know already how to trust. We already know that we’re going to come out of this whole thing whole and complete, you know. We trust into diving and in surrendering so completely. And so, trust is already a part of us, it’s already a part of who we are, so that’s why I say to people, “You need to learn how to trust. You already know how to trust. What you need to learn is what you choose to trust in. You need to learn what you are deciding to place your trust in.”

And with so many of us are choosing to place our trust in ‘not enough’, ‘not being supported’, ‘things not working out’. As opposed to saying, “I can actually place my trust in what I want to experience and what I want to create.” So it was this realization that made me focus and understand that even though at that moment of being an attorney, I did not see how it was even possible for me to pay the rent by being a healer, you know, and how am I gonna possibly meet my student loans and pay the monthly bills.

And yet, I was saying, I was realizing that it’s not something for my mind to know, you know, it’s something for my guide, for my higher mind to know. All I have to do is keep on trusting in the reality that I prefer, in the love that I have for this work, in the passion that I have for this work, in the value I have seen that it brings to people, just trust in what I want to know and experience in my life.

And so, because of that, I created a very simple mantra for myself back then and the mantra goes like this: “I trust myself”, and trusting myself, let me first say the whole mantra, “I trust myself. I trust my life. I trust universe.” And trusting myself, that sentence in itself mean so much to me because we don’t really trust ourselves, do we. We doubt ourselves, we feel as if we have somebody else lurking, you know, our subconscious, always there to trick us in a way, right. As if there’s this enemy that is sabotaging us all the time.

But it’s the idea of “I wanna trust myself. I wanna act as one integrated being, whole and complete onto myself. To know that my whole being is moving me forward in one direction.” And even if fears come out, and even if the feeling of sabotage come out, they’re coming out because it’s still that part of me that is saying, “I need to be integrated so that we can move forward as whole and complete beings.

So, it was very important for me to know that I’ve got me, I’m my best friend, I’m my biggest cheerleader. I can rely on myself, I’ve got me, right, so I can trust myself. And then of course, trusting my life, it’s so important that we trust our life because, it’s important that we see the world as working as our life working out, our life having meaning, having fulfillment, of being here on purpose and truly having something to give to the world and knowing that everything is working out.

You know, that feeling of, “I live a charmed life. Everything always works for me. I trust my life.” And of course, trusting the universe, it’s that deeper sense of worthiness that I was talking about earlier. That awareness that “God is there for me, I can trust that I’m supported, I can trust that even when things don’t work out, they’re still working out in the bigger scheme of things because things are definitely there to move me forward to where I wanna go, not so much in terms of details of the vision I can imagine but the feeling of how I wanna feel, of the person I imagine myself being when I get there and when I live my dream.” So the mantra again, “I trust myself. I trust my life. I trust All that is. I trust the universe.”

And so, it became such an important, important phrase, a mantra for me. And the more I was trusting what I wanted to see, the more I was trusting me becoming a regressionist, the more I was trusting that this whole other path of existence and fulfillment and passion and purpose. And life of meaning and fulfillment can actually work out for me. The more I was trusting it, the more it was working out for me, right?

And so, one day I decided to sit down and put all of this into a meditation because, I want to bring the sense of trust to people’s life so that they can really [have that support (1:25:12)], so that they can really have that encouragement in their life. And once they began sharing this recording with people, I have heard so many stories of people just feeling so supported and so inspired by the message of ‘I trust, I trust, I trust’.

So I really want to encourage [people (1:25:34)] now that they have heard how this whole thing came together, go and get your daily dose of trust. And trust me, right, trust yourself, trust the universe [brings (1:25:44)] you this message in this moment, you will derive so much, so many benefits and so much growth out of this meditation and really sticking [Indistinct (1:25:55)] just listening to it

Lisa:   Yeah, it is all about trust, self-trust, self-love. You’re so adorable, you really are. No, and for real and, you and I were only able to talk a little bit about, for a few minutes before the show and I got to share that I haven’t actually been able to have my own intentional experience with past life regression, but then I had a couple of experiences where I was shown, possibly what some of my past lives might have been and they were really interesting, (Laughs).

One, the specific one, the first one that came was being Joan of Arc. And it’s funny was because I was living in Sedona at that time and I was, and the biggest part of my awakening process in transition. Like you, I had been more of a left-brain, I gone to school for genetic engineering and shifted and done other things, I was a model and then a private chef and I found myself ill and living out in Sedona, trying to heal.

And during this many, many, many months of deep meditation and being a mom and a lot of transition, like you talked about, can be present before a big awakening or a past life revealing is that I said, “Oh, I can’t be Joan of Arc”. You know, that’s just like my head wanting to be whatever but I have the [neatest (1:27:29)] little experience going, coming out of yoga class, I went into this [steam (1:27:33)]room, to [Indistinct (1:27:35)] there, and I had been having this thought weighing in my head for some time.

But whenever I talk to my guides, I’d never get any answers, they were silent. It was like I had to give them an answer, and if I guess, they’d give me a yes or no, but I wasn’t getting anything. And I walked into the steam room and this woman just starts, it’s just me and my other girlfriend that walked in, and this woman in there and ass soon as we sat down, she goes, “Your guides wanna tell you something and they know you have a question”, and I said, you know, I wasn’t trying, I thought maybe she just saying whatever [is the first, open (1:28:07)] to any of this and she goes, “Well”, she goes, “You wanna know if you’ve been Joan of Arc” and I [about (1:28:13)] fainted (Laughs)

Mira:   (Laughs), oh my God, I love this

Lisa:   Yes, it was, I about fainted and she goes, “No, actually they want to tell you you weren’t Joan but you but you were one of her 3 guides, Catherine. And I’m like, “Ok, I’ll try to wrap my head around that one”. So, you have mentioned, that you, not only did we, could we be animals but also other peoples higher guides and that kind of a thing. How do you find, or I should say, what type of, this is really deep powerful transformation work from my perspective, even not having had that personal, or I should say, the opportunity to work with you. I’m sure you’re changing many people’s lives very dramatically. Because they don’t have to go through all the mind junk in the process, it just comes right out right from the emotion in the heart and you’re obviously very clairvoyant. So what type of change or shift can you see in people’s lives that have the benefit of working with you?

Mira:   Oh God, I know so many stories. Now the question on the top of my mind is…

Lisa:   Please share (Laughs)

Mira:   Which stories do I tell, right? So let’s talk about digestion. Just you know, so many of us process the troubles of the world in our digestion, right. And so, I worked with a husband and a wife who came in to see me. And first, the husband had a session with me and he sat down and he starts saying to me how ever since college, so that was about 15 years ago for him, ever since college, he has been having the biggest challenge with his digestion, he has been allergic to most foods, so much so that he had an extremely limited diet.

So, he said to me that when he was in college, he was training for the Olympics, he was in the Olympics team and he was training for the Olympics. And all of a sudden, out of the blue, without any reason whatsoever, he became so ill that he had to drop out of school to heal himself, and of course, drop out of the competition. And so, as a result of it, he came out of that with severe limitation in his digestion.

And so, he wanted to look into this, he wanted to understand how to heal this. And he experienced a lifetime where he actually saw himself as a toreador, and he was fighting a bull in the middle of a very loud arena, and he can hear people cheering, he can, but every sense really perceive everything of the whole moment, of him being there fighting the bull.

And for a split second, he was not able to move out of the bull’s path and the bull actually rips his guts open and his stomach was open and his gut spilled on the dust and he died right there in the arena with the crowd cheering and roaring.

And so, he came out of this experience and he put the [2 and 2 (1:31:39)] together and he said, “I understand now how this fear of being seen again, of being in the Olympics, you know, being in a stadium with the crowd cheering will bring out this tremendous fear that I have of being seen, of being known, of being vulnerable, of being exposed. And so he left, he left very cheerful, he left definitely feeling [Indistinct (1:32:05)], having healed, having released this feeling.

And the next day, his wife comes in and she says to me, “What did you do to my husband?” and I said, you know, “Why?” (Laughs). And she said, “When he left your office, the first thing he did is he went and got himself a slice of pizza.” And the she said, “For dinner last night, we had Italian food, we have pasta.” She said, “I have never had pasta with my husband ever since we have been married because of his digestion issues,

And so, it was such a delightful moment for me to hear the story and know how powerful this work is in transforming people by just simply experiencing the connection with another lifetime, right.

Lisa:   Absolutely. And the, some of the crazy things, now, here’s a perspective, because I had someone ask a question in the chat box, they were wondering if it’s, if this is always, what we’re remembering was actually our past lives or they were professing to claim that it was actually, maybe just some kind of projected hang up the person has, to what they were in other places. Why don’t you help us, help them understand a little better the difference, which means delusion and actually knowing what your past life is.

Mira:   Absolutely. You know, I hear this question very often, this question of “is this real”. Because even if a person experiences something, sometimes people simply choose to place their trust on doubt, right, they’re placing 100% of their trust on doubt and they say to me, “Was this real? I don’t know. Can I trust this experience.” And so, I have a few different ways of answering this and I’m going to share them with you and I’m going to let our listeners decide for themselves which one speaks to them.

So, rather than convincing people and telling them, “You know this is the real lifetime.” I like to tell them, “You know what, if you were to go to a regular psychotherapist, and sometimes, it’s part of their talk therapy, what they will do with you and they will sit you comfortably in a chair or recline or lay down in a couch, and then they will have you imagine things, they will take you on all this mind trips.”

And of course they will take notes of everything that you share and everything that you tell. And as you come back, when you come back, the two of you will discuss everything. Because the therapist will see this as valuable information, the therapist will say, “This is still your subconscious giving you information, coming through to help you heal. So let’s analyze this and let’s see how we can get you to a better place” right. So even a therapist will say, “Even if this is imagined, there’s value in this”, right.

If you were to talk to a spiritual teacher or a quantum physicist, they will tell you that everything exists in this now moment in the universe, in one way, one shape, one form or another. Because there’s no such thing as the awareness of time as we spoke earlier. And so, if everything exists in this now moment and then what you’re really doing is you’re simply able to connect with something that is already out there that you’re becoming aware of for the first time. And of course, people are thinking as half of it as imagination and I’m simply able to pull things out of thin air, you know, make something out of nothing.

And yet, a quantum physicist and a spiritual teacher will tell you, “You’re simply connecting with something that already exists out there.” And truthfully, my most favorite answer to give to people when I get asked this is to tell them, “You know what, it’s not really about asking yourself if it’s real. I would rather have you ask yourself, is this relevant?”, because we’re really going for relevance in this work.

In other words, this client that I just shared the story of, of the bullfighter, he wouldn’t be able to go and do the research and get the information of, “Yes, I was this person, there is the historic record this really happened to me. There’s the proof that this is a real past life.” Yet, to him, this lifetime is so relevant, you know, it’s such that we have healed him from his food challenges.

So, I would rather have you ask yourself, “Is this relevant?” Because it always, so it works out that when people connect with past life, they get to experience what is most appropriate for them, what serves them , what really gives them the answer in that moment. Because this process, has always been [winding (1:37:33)] guided, people are always given what will serve their highest good. It’s oh so beautifully put together and orchestrated that when a person comes in for a session or, you know, joins me for a workshop or, you know, simply [reaching out (1:37:49)] for a CD of mine, I know that they’re going to have an experience, I will serve them and get them to better places in that moment.

Lisa:   Wonderful answer. I’d like to talk, I actually am a huge fan of quantum physics and various different forms of spirituality approaches and these kinds of things and it speaks to me, but the first answer I would have responded is the holotropic mind in a holographic universe (Laughs), well, it comes to mind. So you just made it sound so much pretty than scientific, (Laughs).

Mira:   Thank you, yes, I a (Laughs).

Lisa:   I really believe stories are medicine, hugely. And that’s part of, you know, when I have my guest, I don’t have them just share all their knowledge but it’s about their story, like you’ve been sharing with us all along. And really, that’s really what you do, is help your clients tell themselves, their higher self, all their, their lower self, all the stories their higher self is telling to them at once, correct?

Mira:   Yes, absolutely. I really love story telling. I really love stories because, oh, you know, I was giving a workshop recently in Miami and one of the people in the audience gave me the best quote ever. She said to me that the universe is not made of atoms, it’s made of stories. And I love this so much, you know, I said, “What a beautiful, beautiful quote right there”.

And truthfully, we really change when we hear stories, when somebody sits in front of us and preaches and points their finger at us, and you know, waves their finger up and down and tells us, “You should never do this again. You know better, do it this way next time.” And we really shut down and we become very defensive and say, “No, no, I’m not even listening, I’m checking out.”

But when we hear stories, when we hear how others have had challenges and how they have overcome those challenges and how now they find themselves in a place of expansion, in a place of breathing easier, life being more fun, we become inspired, we look at them and say “Thank you. If you can do it, I can do it too.”

Lisa:   Yeah absolutely, absolutely. Just, the implications for this and what it has to serve because, what you do with people is so, it’s so ah, not, I wasn’t even gonna say contrary, it’s so polar opposite, it’s 180 degree shift from the way a lot of us are told. We live in such a patriarchal culture now, where we’re taught we have to be able to prove anything and measure everything.

And what you said about the woman saying that atoms, the universe isn’t made up of atoms, it’s made up of stories, well, the atom is the very [less brain (1:40:51)] material way that we would be able to measure how it’s allegedly, from our menial, tiny little perspective that we see on the very, very small, micro [Indistinct (1:41:02)] of the bigger picture of what actually is. But it is those stories and, you know, after all, well, all you hear about is in the bible, not that I’m a big bible quoter or anything, but there’s a lot of wisdom when you search in the bible.

All [Indistinct (1:41:19)] of books has some truth in them. But it said, first there was the word, so I really love that quote, that it’s just so beautiful (Laughs) [Indistinct (1:41:29)]

Mira:   Absolutely, yes

Lisa:   Go ahead, I was just gonna say I have to borrow that one [sister (1:41:37)]. I love to, I believe in the power of our word and changing our word to be more appropriate and then changing how we use our word in our intention, we can also change our now present moment.

And the last question that I had for you, and I’m gonna mention to the callers that are in the callbox, if you would want to raise your hand, you just have to press the “1”, I don’t see any hands raised so I’m not gonna open your line if you hand isn’t raised. So we only have a few more minutes with Mira. But uhmm, I just totally lost my question. Oh my God, it is very important and I wanted to know the answer to it so give me just a second here. It has to do with uhmm, oh yes, in the now present moment.

So, if, as well as, another added aspect of the empowerment is just by changing our actions in the now present moment as opposed to the way we may have done it in the past or in the future. We’re constantly changing everything, like, in uhmm, what was that movie, is it Predestination? I think it was a great movie. It explains how, there was different, you thought you were travelling back in time and then come to find out that all the different people and all the different characters are actually the same character, you know. Is that actually how it is?

Mira:   It’s really mind blowing when you start realizing how impactful you are on the future of your life. So much so that, you know, if you’re not comfortable with the idea, if you are new to the idea of you being the master, the creator of your life, it really comes to a point where you say, “Oh my God, this is too much responsibility. I just wanna run back to my old story of being the victim of my life and things happening to me as opposed to me being the master of my universe and really creating the reality, right.

And yet, the moment you start saying to yourself, “Wait, I trust myself. I trust my life. I trust the universe. I’m gonna make the most out of it. I know how to create and isn’t this fun”, you can just roll up your sleeves and really create opportunities for joy and expansion and that inevitably comes, inevitably comes when you start healing.

Because the moment you start healing your life challenges, of the things that you have been with for decades, the forgiveness being offered, the greed being let go of, when you start letting go of all these stories that you have been carrying and unnecessarily have been weighing you down, you really find yourself in an easier place.

And that’s why I love past life regression so much because it gives you the opportunity to bring in to your energy and to your experience so much of who you truly are, of what is possible for you. And then really claim that and really create that for yourself.

So, I was doing a workshop in San Diego and I was doing group regression and I [got at (1:44:46)] everybody through the group regression, and this beautiful, beautiful woman in her 70’s, after the regression raised her hand and she was visibly crying. It was visible. The tears on her face was visible. And she said to me, “Mira, I wanna share what I experienced”, and she said that she has not cried since she had been a little girl. So she has not cried for seventy years.

Lisa:   Oh my God

Mira:   And when she was little, she had a very controlling mother. A mother who was very mean and very abusive with words, [emotionally and (1:45:24)] also physically, and so she was told not to cry, otherwise there were consequences, right. So she very quickly learned not to cry. And so she, because of her mother have huge abandonment issues. She said that she really has been feeling that she doesn’t deserve to be loved and the fear of being abandoned, the fear of trusting and opening up to love.

And she shared that she experienced the past life where saw herself as a woman and she lived in this little village and he husband came back home from war. And it was this warm and joyful moment of him showing up, and the joy and the ecstasy she was feeling and the relief, you know, the huge relief of ‘he’s back’.

And in her regression, she experienced how he told her, “I told you I’m gonna come back for you. I told you I’m not gonna leave you alone.” And so, she actually was so deeply moved by feeling this love, right, by feeling what it feels like not to be abandoned. Feeling what it feels like to trust that somebody will come back. When you open your heart to them and you love them and you allow them in your life.

And so naturally, the tears flew down her face. So she was amazed at first that she was able to cry, right, and the healing of the emotions and being able to cry, but also the deep healing of “I’m worthy of love. I’m worthy of receiving love. I have faith in love. I can trust love.” So it was just a beautiful story

Lisa:   I have that same personal experience and it sounds like a nice story to somebody who’s never had it, to someone who has actually experienced. What you just shared with us was absolutely profound, it is absolutely life changing, I can guarantee. The second my son was put to my breast, and I felt love for the first time, it really changed my life. We do have a couple of callers with their hands raised, I know I can get at least one of you in.

So, we have area code 253, last 4 digits of your number are 4899, I’m opening your mic. Welcome to Consciousness Caffeine radio, could you please introduce yourself to Mira.

Holli:  Hi, my name is Holli, I’m from Seattle.

Mira:   Hi Holli, hello

Holli:  Hi

Lisa:   Welcome [Indistinct (1:48:10)]

Holli:  Good, I have 2 questions, I just kinda tuned in

Mira:   Welcome, it’s so wonderful to have you

Holli:  Say again?

Lisa:   She said it was welcome to have you. You had your hand raised so you can either share a story, or your own experience or ask a question of Mira, Mira, we’re talking about past lives and she’s the author of the book “Beyond Past Lives” and talking about the powerful healing experiences that can occur to people who actually go through past life regression therapy, and how all our lives are actually all going on, the past and the future, all at once and how we have the power to change it all in the now, present moment. Was that a lot for you all at once      , to catch you off-guard? (Laughs)

Holli:   No, can she tell what’s holding me back from any of my past life?

Mira:   Have you ever done a regression before?

Holli:   No

Mira:   So, I think that [brought us (1:49:11)] a very easy place to reconnect because not all us are blessed to have spontaneous memories or be able to just remember as we walk down the street. So a very easy place to start with is to simply get one of my recordings, you can either download it or get the CD, a guided regression recording where I’ll guide you through the whole process of you connecting with other lifetimes, and you can find that on my website,, and it’s such a gentle, such a safe, such a beautiful process that you can do on your own and simply connect with your other lifetime so that you can open up to receiving emotional and physical healing.

So, I’m so glad I was able to share this new tool for you and plant the curiosity and the possibilities in your mind. So thank you, thank you Holli.

Holli:   I’ll definitely look at that, I’m gonna look into that, thank you.

Mira:   You’re welcome

Lisa:   Yeah, you also have a CD set as well, I actually went to include all this information in our slideshow but the pictures weren’t loading, and they haven’t been for a couple of days and blogtalk insisted that they would be addressing that. So I will make sure that I put all the photos for your book and your CD sets and all that in there.

For the listeners, we have the majority of our listeners on  as archive, although we do have quite a few people today. And thank you for joining us caller, you’re more than welcome to stay on the line and join the last few minutes for our gratitude circle if you like.

However, we’ve been so interested in sharing stories and information, Mira. I haven’t really gone over your information, although you did just share it with her, I just want to mention to all the listeners, both live or on archive, it doesn’t matter, we have all of, we have Mira’s contact information at the bottom of the episode, where you can find her, it’s www. And there on her website, you can find her books, her CD’s, that kind of thing.

Well, we have everybody jumping in. let’s see if we can get one more caller, is that ok with you Mira?

Mira:   Absolutely

Lisa:   I just got a whole bunch and there was one more, I was gonna go over your information but we can squeeze one more in. So, it looks like, Mary Jane. I don’t have a phone number so I don’t wanna, it’s Mary Jane April actually so, we’ll open up your line there and welcome to Consciousness Caffeine, is it Mary Jane

Paul Rudd:  Hi, it’s actually, no

Lisa:   Oh, hello, what’s your name sweetie?

Paul Rudd:  Paul Rudd

Lisa:   Rudd. Very nice to meet you. Did you have a question for Mira

Paul Rudd:  (Laughs)

Lisa:   Yeah, I know I think, we might, we get troll, what we call trolls once in a while. I thought, oh well, people, we’re having fun obviously, this is his, in one of his other life, he doesn’t need to be a joker coz he’s being one here and learning a deeper lesson in respect, might that be a good (Laughs) perception Mira?  (Laughs)

Shut down the wrong microphone, no, Mira I can here you. Hello. Mira?

Mira:   Hi

Lisa:   That was so weird, I just said, obviously, that person in another life doesn’t need to be a jokester coz he’s one here and he’s learning about having respect. And I just was talking, realized, oh my, I have so many callers. Which number was hers coz I didn’t shut you off or anything, I just noticed that you had gone mute though. It wasn’t, I shut the caller off that was (Laughs)

Mira:   (Laughs)

Lisa:   Sorry about that

Mira:   Oh, not at all, it’s all good. to come in the presence of our energy and awareness, that’s how  he is in for a beautiful awakening in his own life. So, I’m glad he was able to bring some laughter into ours and for us to laugh on our own end and say, “Ok, just you wait” (Laughs)

Lisa:   Exactly. No, we do get some, I normally get some on a different type of content. I don’t normally, although I did get one on my friend who has this Smile Club, she’s going around the world and changing the world one smile at a time and we even got one then. So, I see that we’re doing a really good work here bringing in light and transformation as those, don’t want us to shift and change this world in a more beautiful way. So they wanna hold on to the more lower vibration, well, he made it through into our call list, he  (Laughs)

Mira:   Yeah.

Lisa:   Mira, I was just going over the information before we broke for the troll, maybe I should’ve listened to my intention, I mean my intuition. Instead of going on my left brain reaction, trying to address the next caller with their hand raised. Why don’t we take the last few minutes just so you can share with all the listeners how they can contact you and in what ways they can reach you to see you personally?

Mira:   Oh, absolutely. Connecting with people is one of the greatest joys for me these days because they get to share about this beautiful work that I’m doing and the power of past life regression to transform peoples life. And people can reach out to me, to do a personal session with me, they can do coaching with me either over the phone or in person. I also do workshops all over , in fact, I’m taking a group of people to Brazil to visit John of God because of the extraordinary experience I’ve had during my previous trip there and really, the millions and millions of people who have had emotional and physical healing.

And of course, people can also work with me through my online programs or any other events that I have listed on my website so, I do travel everywhere so just check out my event schedule. And I want to encourage people to get my gift that I was sharing with them, my trust meditation, they simply can go to and see it there.

And of course, I know that reading my book “Beyond Past Lives” will be impactful. It’s really been a book that has been opening doors and possibilities, of new ways of seeing the world for so many people, and it’s such a practical tool too because of the exercises that are a part of that book. So I really look forward to connecting with everybody on every possible way, there are so many ways to work with me.

Lisa:   No, I see that. And it’s a good thing you travel, you do, you travel all over, I’m looking at your tour list, and you have all these options because, person would have to be almost in the next life to get an appointment with you, your waiting list. But that shows how effective your work is and how powerful so, I guess, it’s a complement.

Mira:   Yeah, yeah

Lisa:   I look forward to reading your book and, I don’t know, I just might have to get on that 2 year waiting list, I’ve wanted to do this type of work with someone for a long time and just, it just never came about and now it’s just, I followed the synchronicities and it’s perfect especially this time of year when we’re going through some so, now is normally when I go around and ask the people on the circle for, what they’re grateful for today but since our first caller dropped, even though I asked her to stay and the second one we got rid of so, everyone else doesn’t have their line open. Why don’t we just go out saying what we’re grateful for Mira?

Mira:   I would love to share one of my most favorite practices. I’m grateful for the opportunity to serve people through this conversation. I’m grateful for the gift that the divine has given me so that I can share with others to empower them, to bring them to a place of loving themselves and claiming their own divinity so there’s so much to be grateful for, so yes, thank you. Thank you divine.

Lisa:   Thank you sister goddess Mira. I’m, of course grateful to have you here today; this was really the funnest call I’ve had in sometime. I love to get in to all the magic and the  and all that that is normally, you know, ‘poo-pooed’, anything other than something you might watch in a science fiction movie or something and it’s not, it’s very much a reality as we reclaim our divine feminine. I’m grateful for that, for humanity finally balancing our divine masculine and our divine feminine. I’m very grateful for the awakening process going on as we all find out who we are and what we came here to serve with in order to co-create a new Earth. I’m also grateful for the past and the future, all collapsing now, in the present moment so that we can realize our power and really get this world rocking.

So, it’s been so lovely to have you Mira. And everyone, go out and get Mira’s book “Beyond Past Lives” from Hayhouse. She is just a real, little, a spiritual rockstar as you can see, a fairy godmother of the greatest. So, I look forward to hearing more from you and going to site and checking out all that you have to offer.

Thanks so much Mira for joining us, I’m really grateful I’ve had you today

Mira:   Thank you so much Lisa, I enjoyed this tonight so thank you

Lisa:   Yes, and our callers, our chat, we have regulars, they’re really good chat really enjoyed everything as well so, with that, I’m gonna thank everyone for joining us, this is the Consciousness Caffeine radio with Mira Kelley as our special guest today on past life regression and healing, get to and go check out her book “Beyond Past Lives” from Hayhouse and her CD sets and her other books.

She’s got so much going on, you can go visit her live, I would do so if I had the opportunity. So, with that folks, we’ll see you on Friday, I hope everyone have an absolutely blessed day and thank you for the callers, even the one that called in who was not so polite or nice, trying to crack a joke on us, we know you just need healing and we’re sending you lots of love and blessings so that there’s no such thing as doing anything wrong, there’s only lessons that we learn.

So, we’re going out again with another song by Gilli Moon.

Shine on folks, we’ll see you again at Consciousness Caffeine