Favorite Christmas Moment – The Yoga Synchronicity

We were sitting in front of the Christmas tree opening presents.  My sweetheart handed me a beautifully wrapped box.  It was a good size box but it felt very light.  I wondered what could be inside while opening it.

Inside the box there was an envelope and a yoga mat tote.  The envelope contained a schedule of yoga classes of a studio near my job and a membership subscription.  My sweetheart was explaining everything to me with great excitement as I was looking at the information.  It was the present for which he had planned the most.  It was in the middle of a snowstorm in New York City that he visited a few yoga studios around my office to pick the best one, buy me the membership and get me the tote.  It was a studio that offered Vinyasa, Iyengar and Ashtanga Yoga classes.  He chose it because it had a great atmosphere and because he wanted me to experiment with different yoga styles and find one I liked best.  I was thrilled about the gift and was hardly able to hold my breath knowing about the synchronicity that everyone was going to witness.

Next, I got up and picked a similar in size box and gave it to him.  This was my most important present.  I had devoted the greatest amount of research, time and preparation to put it together.  Inside the box he found a hot yoga mat, a water bottle and a membership subscription to a Bikram Yoga studio near his office.  Bikram is his favorite yoga style and it was with great excitement that I had hoped to surprise him.  Surprised he was.

Everyone else was laughing at us and making jokes.  We just kissed and saw this as another example of how connected we are.

Image: comunicação, a Creative Commons Attribution photo from Hannap’s Flickr photostream

What was your favorite Christmas moment this year?

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