Validation: An Amazing Movie

Validation is an amazing and inspiring short film about the magic and importance of looking for the best in people.

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This Short Film is Amazing

A list of the awards that this inspiring short film has won:

Winner – Best Narrative Short, Cleveland Int’l Film Festival

Winner – Jury Award, Gen Art Chicago Film Festival

Winner – Audience Award, Hawaii Int’l Film Festival

Winner – Best Short Comedy, Breckenridge Festival of Film

Winner – Crystal Heart Award

Best Short Film & Audience Award, Heartland Film Festival

Winner – Christopher & Dana Reeve Audience Award

Williamstown Film Festival, Winner – Best Comedy

Dam Short Film Festival, Winner – Best Short Film

Sedona International Film Festival

You are Awesome!

The  Story Behind Validation (an interview with the writer/director Kurt Kuenne)

Where did the story for VALIDATION come from?

Kurt: One day, I was at the mall and forgot to get my parking validated. As I was walking back to the validation booth, it occurred to me how nice it would be if, when I asked for validation, they gave me “real” validation. And then I realized, “That’s my good friend, the brilliant actor, TJ Thyne (“Bones”). That’s what he does!”

I knew immediately that TJ would play a parking attendant who dispensed both free parking and free compliments. The story grew from there.

How did making this film change you?

Kurt: We filled out the cast with dozens of actors from TJ’s theatre troupe, Theatre Junkies. We had a wonderful time making the film and I now have a wealth of new friends in my life. Showing the film at festivals has been very rewarding. Kiwanis has begun using the film in its leadership training programs, certain ministers use it with their congregations, and some organizations tell me that they show it to their employees to boost morale. I never would have anticipated that reaction, and it’s wonderful to know that people are finding something in the film that perhaps I wasn’t aware was there.

Source: Validation — Interview with Writer/Director Kurt Kuenne • Wisdom Magazine

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