Are you bored? What to do about it?

Do you get bored? What is the reason and what to do about it? Find out in this video.

Transcript of the Video:

Hello everyone. Welcome.

I am Mira Kelley. And I want to ask you this question – Do you ever feel bored?

I was talking to a friend the other day and he said to me that he feels bored very often.

And I heard this and my eyes got this big out of the shock of it all because you know, I actually have the opposite problem.


I’m always looking to stretch time in order to accomplish everything that I want to accomplish. Oh, and by the way, if you have the same issue, check out my video on how to stretch time.


But back to feeling bored. When we got talking about being bored with my friend, it really made sense to me because I know where he is, I’ve been witnessing the trajectory of his life. For the past five years, he has been stuck in the same place, not really moving anywhere, not really feeling capable of accomplishing much, being caught in a very challenging situation and really focusing all of resources in resolving that.


And so, he truly felt stuck and he truly felt powerless to go after his dreams and after what he imagined his life ought to be. And so I was listening to him and here’s what I offered to him. I said to him, “You know, you should actually consider doing the tinniest little bits of action that you can take in every single moment. I know you have big dreams, I know you have big goals and you will get to do them, I believe in you but let’s get you moving”.


Because you see, there are people out there who can take these gigantic leaps and they can change their lives overnight and things can turn around overnight. But you know, for most of us, it’s truly one step at a time, creating the path of our unfoldment one step at a time.


And so, if you find yourself feeling bored, it truly is because you have that sense of powerlessness, that sense of, not feeling like your actions will create much impact. So, here’s my solution for you and what I also offered him. Let’s get you moving, let’s get you unstuck. Do what excites you in every moment and do it to the best of your abilities and do it without any expectations.


So every moment, you have so many choices on what you can do. Pick one. Pick that which really moves you and speaks to you the most. It might be talking to a friend. It might be looking up the information on a class that you’ve been wanting to take. It might be engaging in a hobby that you have.


Whatever it is, go for it and really, and really do it fully and completely. Don’t hold back just because it wouldn’t create ginormous results for you. Simply go for it and do it. And also, do the activity, take the action without any expectation.


Because you see, when you expect things, things get muddled up. It’s truly best that you actually show up and enjoy what you’re doing fully and completely simply for the pleasure of it, simply for the fulfilment and satisfaction of it. And then, what needs to come out of it will come out of it. It’s really just important that you start someplace.


And I want to tell you, right now, at this moment, you have all that you need. All the resources, the skills and the abilities that you need to create change in your life. So start right where you are.


So now, back to you. I look forward to hearing what you think about being bored. Do you ever get bored? Why do you think you get bored? And what is your solution to that?


We’ll talk again soon. I’m sending you all my love. Bye.