St_Luke’s question “What is True Love?” when commenting on the post describing The Real Story of the Mona Lisa made me ponder about love.  What is love?  Love has so many faces – motherly love, love for your child, romantic love, love shared between good friends, love for your pet, etc.  There are also so many ways in which love can be expressed – sharing giggles with a little baby, making love to your partner in a tantric, mindful way, being kind to a stranger or feeding your neighbor’s cats while they are away.  However, despite the multiple faces of love and the endless ways to express it, there is just one love.  Love is an expression of oneness, a way to connect to your own divinity by recognizing the sacredness of another.

Here is how Emmanuel, a being of light, describes love:

Love requires no practice.

Love is.

One cannot practice is-ness.

One can, however,

practice the decision to love.

The path to love is found

by experiencing what it is like without love

just as the path of Light

is to be aware of darkness.

You make the supreme choice.

Love is not mastered.

It is allowed.

Love comes in many containers.

It can come through the flowing work of an artist.

It can be the magnificent send-sacrifice of a martyr.

It can be the firm resolution of a leader.

It can be the touch of a parent.

Something as simple

as taking the hand of a child crossing the street

is a monumental act of love.

Every act of kindness and love

adds more Light and more power

to God’s Truth in your world.

To bring the concept of love

into your physical reality,

to live it as richly as you can,

is to answer the calling of the God within

that has decided to incarnate.

Everyone in your world is yearning

for that fulfillment.

This is not a substitute for God love,

but is a nourishing, energizing, freeing aspect

of the Universal Plan made physical.

There may be fear of dividing love

between God and one’s mate.

I wish to say that there is no conflict.

The nurturing that you receive

on a physical level

is, in fact, beneficial

to your spiritual growth.

You yearn for love

as the flower yearns for the sun,

and you have as much right to it.

Does love survive death?

Love is eternal

It passes through every illusory barrier

such as time and space.

Love is an unbreakable connection.

Your consciousness weaves through the physical

to the non-physical and back again

even while you are all walking around

busily engaged in your daily tasks.

As you carry within you the love

and the yearning to return to God,

the sacrament of homecoming

is a constantly renewed reality within your life.

Your heart is returning you Home.

This poem is from Emmanuel’s Book: A Manual for Living Comfortably in the Cosmos.  Emanuel is channeled by Pat Rodegast.

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