Not Seeing In My Regressions

Do you have trouble seeing images in your past life regressions?

That is okay! There are other intuitive ways to experience your regression. These ways will allow you to get everything out of it you need.

Hear me help someone who didn’t see anything either in this video. And let me teach you how to use all your senses when connecting with your past, future and simultaneous lives.



And now I’d love to hear from you. How do you experience your past lives? Is it visually, or through your senses of touch or smell? How does it come through for you?

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“I am doing a past life regression for one month, but not able to find or see any visualization. I am a person who’s passionate about many things but not able to find a specific goal and cannot imagine myself in the future. Can you please help” – Upmanaya
Upmanaya, thank you so much for this question. I am so happy I can address it for you through this video.

One of the biggest misconceptions that people have when they do a past life regression is that it needs to be a visual experience. It doesn’t have to be. For some of us, naturally, it is a visual experience but each one of us processes the world through our senses differently. For some of us hearing is the stronger sense, for some of us scent is the stronger sense. So each one of us uses our senses differently. Naturally the same happens during a regression. So if you’re doing a past life regression and nothing comes up I would ask you to consider whether you’re looking to have only a visual experience.

Sometimes people have very rich visually in details, colors, textures, experiences. They see faces, they see places, it becomes very much as if the way you and I are living our lives full of richness, full of detail. But that is just some people. Other people, they have more of a flash of a scene, more of an awareness of something going on. The rest is a knowing, the rest is emotions. For other people they hear things, they hear conversations, they hear background music. Sometimes they hear conversations in languages they don’t even speak. Other people, they feel everything. So very little detail but there’s an elevated level of emotions. So people say “this is who I feel I am” and “this is what I feel is happening.” So it’s all about emotions. And for other people it’s just a sense of knowing. So they don’t see anything, they don’t feel anything. They simply know what the story is like. There’s a thought that pops into their mind, then anther, and another, and they simple know the thought. And they simple know the story. Now, neither one of these ways is better than the other. So allow yourself to experience whatever is coming through in a way that is right for you.

Also, sometimes what pulls you into another lifetime and allows you to lock into the experience of a past life is if you allow yourself, at first, to start imagining. So just actively allow yourself to start imagining. And here’s what you can ask yourself “if I were to imagine anything what would I imagine?” So just imagining.

And, of course, you were to speak to a quantum physicist or to a mystic they will tell you everything exists in this now moment. So your not really imagining you’re just connecting with something that exists out there for the first time, and that’s your first awareness of it. Also, in traditional therapy we very often use the approach of asking a person to go on mind trips, to imagine things. So that we can analyze that information that the sub-consequence is providing us. But truly the reason why I love the moment of imagining is because it allows you to get moving. It allows you to connect with a past life and ultimately when people begin receiving that information, those feelings, those images, all that information from other lifetimes, I rather not have them ask themselves “is this real? Is this a real past life” or “Am I imaging it?” I would rather have you ask yourself “is this relevant?” And here’s the answer: Whatever you experience, it’s always relevant. It is always going to serve you. It is always going to provide you information that will help you be in a better place in your life.

As far as not having the passion and as far as not being able to find your purpose in life, even though you’re a passionate person, I invite you to consider whether it’s possible for you to start doing what you’re passionate about without worrying about the bigger picture. Without worrying where it needs to take you, without needing to know how it’s going to unfold for you. Instead, follow what you’re passionate about. Do it to the best of your abilities. Do it without expecting where it needs to take you. You take it step, by step, by step. Always doing what makes you feel so passionate, so alive. And I promise you that’s how the path unfolds. That’s where you reach to the end of your life and you say “that was a life well lived!”

And now I’d love to hear from you. What are you passionate about? And also, how do you experience your past lives? Is it visually? Through your senses of touch, smell?How does it come through for you?

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