How We Create the Weather

Isn’t the weather today really lovely?  But also, don’t you find it strange how it drastically jumped from low 40s on Thursday to 70s on Friday.  And it will be as high as 88°F on Sunday!

I cannot help but notice how the weather changes resembles the way we feel about the economy.

You have heard people say that it has been a very, very long and hard winter.  We feel the same way about the economy.  We say how difficult things have been and how we are very tired of being worried, of being gloomy and being scared.  We are all ready for a warmer weather for a sense of rejuvenation and of being carefree.  On days when there is good news on Wall Street we feel upbeat and hopeful.  However, on days we hear that things have not changed and may be getting even worse we feel even more frightened inside.  The lack of centeredness and this great sense of insecurity fiercely swing us from one mood to another in seconds.  The almost violent in intensity emotions we experience generate an amazingly powerful energy.  The energy created by the strong emotions of fear and hope experienced by millions of people who live in New York and the greater New York area affect our environment and create our weather.

Elias, a spiritual teacher channeled by Mary Ennis, explains how we, as part of nature, create the weather: “Through your emotions, you are influencing of your planetary conditions; your weather, your tides, your elements of natural occurrences upon your planet. Through your thought process, you hold the clarity of the focus. Your animals, your flowers, your clouds, your oceans, appear as they appear, for you are part of them. You hold the clarity. You hold the vision. What you see, what you visualize, is what is created. Therefore, you are a very intricate part of nature.”

It is really important for us to realize that we create our personal world and the environment around us.  That realization removes the weak excuse that we are victims of circumstances we have no control over (while in fact we really do).

Take in as much sun and a sense of peace, hope and renewal as you can in the next few days.  And allow the beautiful feeling of warmth on your skin to spread to your heart.  Allow the feeling of wellbeing to take a hold in you so that you can reconnect with the wisdom of your soul.  Deep inside you exists the knowledge that you are eternal and that you will always be nurtured and that you will always be well taken care of.  Allow this knowing to become rooted in your vision too.  Build a bridge between the way you think about the world every day and the unshakable belief that you will be ok.  This is a very important bridge to have because, as soon as you feel challenged by the world outside or the media and its easy sell to people who are frightened, you can go back inside and find your own center.  The real knowledge of security we have in us, which emanates from the eternal feeling of love and well-being can never be replaced by any material possessions on the outside.

The longer you allow for the faith that you will be ok financially to dwell in you, the better you will feel about your life, your financial prospects and the economy.  I promise you that soon enough the economy will improve and one day before we know it the economy will be booming again because nothing can stop the creative power of our emotions!

If you want to learn more about how we create our environment and nature you can read the following excerpt from another spiritual teacher, Seth, who was channeled by Jane Roberts. In “The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events” Seth says:

“The natural contours of your psyche are quite aware of the inner sweep and flow of your life, and its relationship with every other crea¬ture alive. Intuitively, each person is born with the knowledge that he or she is not only worthwhile, but fits into the context of the universe in the most precise and beautiful of fashions. The most elegant timing is involved in each individual’s birth and death. The exquisite play of your own inner nature in general — and that identification leads you into the deeper knowledge of your own part in nature’s source.

…The myths upon which you base your lives so program your existence that often you verbally deny what you inwardly know. When people are hurt in a natural disaster, for example, they will often profess to have no idea at all for such involvement. They will ignore or deny the inner feelings that alone would give the event any meaning in their lives. The reasons for such involvement would be endless, or course — all valid, yet in each and every case, man and nature in those terms would meet in an encounter that had mean¬ing, from the largest global effects to the smallest, most private aspects of the individuals involved. You have made certain divisions because of your myths, of course, that make this kind of explanation extremely important and difficult. You think of rain or earthquakes as natural events, for example, while you do not consider thoughts or emotions as natural events in the same terms. Therefore it is diffi¬cult for you to see how there can be any valid interactions between, say, emotional states and physical ones.

You might say: “Of course, I realize that the weather affects my mood,” yet it will occur to very few of you that your moods have an effect upon the weather. You have so concentrated upon the catego¬rization, delineation, and exploration of the objective world that it surely seems to be “the only real one.” It seems to exert force or pres¬sure against you, or to impinge upon you, or at least almost to happen by itself, so that you sometimes feel powerless against it. Your myths have given great energy to the outsideness of things.”

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