September 11, 2001

It was eight years ago that I watched the Twin Towers burn and collapse to the ground in a horrific rumble.  The images, the sounds of the sirens, the sight of the gray dust that had covered everything, the difficulty breathing and the sense of confusion, fear and the instinct to survive continue to play in slow motion in my head till this day.

Each one of us remembers where we were and how we felt when we saw the attacks or heard the news on that fateful day. 

I was at home.  It was a warm and sunny morning with no signs of what was to come.  At that time I lived a few short blocks away from the World Trade Center and had a great view of the Twin Towers.

In just one moment the towers crumbled and an ominous grey dust filled the air making everything invisible.  It was as if time stood still and our reality transformed into a moment of eternal emptiness.

The hours and days that followed were difficult.  I was not allowed to return to my apartment for weeks.  The only things I had were the clothes on my back.  Yet, I have never felt more protected and taken care of in my life.  The outpour of love and support we all received was overwhelming. 

We all grew up so much because of these events.  We learned that we human beings have the ability to create and destroy but that we also have the ability to overcome any challenge.  We learned the important lessons of selflessness, compassion, faith and above all love. 

The cascade of political and cultural changes that followed as a result continue to present us with opportunities to learn that there is no division between us and them, that we are all just people looking for fulfillment and that we can choose to be the light that uplifts rather than drown in a mire of fear and negativity. 

That night I felt asleep on a gym floor thanking God.  It is with gratitude in my heart that I want to remember 9/11.  I am grateful to the brave souls who sacrificed themselves for us to expand our understanding.  I am grateful to the people who opened their hearts and found millions of ways to be of service to their brothers and sisters.  I am grateful to our Source for nurturing us and giving us the strength to continue in light and love.


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