Being a Tool in the Hands of God

Dolores Cannon is someone whose work I discovered recently.  Dolores is a hypnotherapist and I am extremely intrigued by the information she presents in the large number of books she has published, as well as the hypnotherapy method she uses.

It was this interest that prompted me today to call Ozark Mountain Publishing, Inc., the publishing company run by Dolores Cannon, and ask for some information.  On the other end of the line was a lovely lady named Joy.

Joy was very kind and thoroughly answered all my questions.  We spoke for a little more than 17 minutes, which tells you that I had a lot of questions, however, not even for a second did she show impatience or annoyance.  At one moment I heard another phone ringing in the background of Joy’s office.  I felt uncomfortable because I had already taken 10 minutes of Joy’s time (as the timer on my phone informed me) and I expected an abrupt end to our conversation. However, Joy let the other phone ring and focused on helping me.  I was amazed at her ability to be in the present moment.  There was a sense of stillness, presence and awareness about her that reached me energetically and made me feel slower and more attuned.

We hung up and my day continued.  In the mid-afternoon I though about Joy again.  I though that it was a blessing that she came into my life for a flash and gave me such a beautiful gift by affecting me with her presence and giving me a great beginning to my day.  In that very moment there was a strong impulse in me to email her and thank her.

“Impulse” is a good way to describe the feeling.  It was a very clear and authentic feeling, however, it was not a persistent, nagging, overwhelming thought, so I could have easily ignored it and continued on with my busy life.  However, I decided to act on it.  “After all,” I said to myself, “ this is what intuition is about – following your hunches.”  A few other emails tried to distract me but I felt that this had to be done and I was not going to allow anything to get in the way.  I emailed Joy and thanked her for her wonderful spirit.

It was a surprise to receive a response from her.

Joy said, “Thank you for lifting my spirits.  I have been experiencing a great deal of frustration since we spoke this morning and your e-mail has truly brightened my day.”

A wave of exhilaration overcame me.  It was nice to receive recognition for the kindness I had extended but that was not what caused my excitement.  I was thrilled to know that by following my hunch I became a tool in the hands of God, a way for him to deliver his love, support and encouragement to one of his precious children.  It is as if in that moment I had acted on my promise to God to serve in any way I can and spread his light.

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