The Relatives That Try You

For all its excitement and joy, Christmas can have its trying moments too when the expectations, demands and the things that are being said by our relatives can drive us crazy. You know who are the family members and the conversation topics that cause you stress. Even before getting into the situations you have already built up your defenses and have a few strong things to say on the subject in your head.

I want to offer you a new approach to being around your annoying relatives so that none of the happiness of Christmas is robbed away from you this year.

I want you to begin by realizing that it is those that are close to us that really know very well how to push our buttons. For example, none of your business acquaintances can do the damage that your brother can do in just a few minutes. The people and the situations in our life that try us are there because there is an area in our lives where we have not completely come to love. Think of them as an opportunity to grow, as gifts on your road of enlightenment.

Just realizing this you have instantly put yourself in a different mindset. A shift has occurred in you that will energetically create a new experience. You have chosen not to be a victim of the situation. Previously you were giving your own personal power away too easily by putting yourself in the defensive. “Knowing” that you will have a hard time you have given the permission to your annoying relative to cause you stress the moment they chose to bring up the same old stuff that drives you crazy.

Set your intent not to react to their energy of hostility or ignorance. Choose to stay in your own center and be peaceful and loving despite their presence around you. Prior to the family get-together send them telepathically the message that you intend for your interaction to be peaceful and fulfilling. They will receive the message and will be subconsciously affected by it.

Find something that you really appreciate about this person, even if it is the smallest of things. Bringing a genuine though of appreciation will instantly open your heart. By opening your heart you will be able to see your annoying relative in a new light. You will be thinking about this person from a God-like perspective. You will be willing to look beyond their limitations and understand that they are doing the best they can with what they have chosen to be their path in this life.

When they say or do something limiting rise above it and see that it come from their own limitations. Don’t judge their words or actions. Don’t get mired into the game of “But this is wrong!” Just overlook it. If you get caught in the feelings of the moment mentally step back and remind yourself that God looks at us and still loves us even when we do limiting things. Instead of criticizing a person, defending yourself or running away form a conversation huffing and puffing, try something different. Say to the person “That is interesting. Tell me more.” The person will be caught off guard. You will see their defenses lowering and their hostility subsiding. And I can promise you that you will soon notice that the distressing conversations will disappear completely and that they will begin to match your higher energetic vibration and expand beyond their limitations.

Be kind in your interaction with this person. Be the change, the love that you want to see. This will bring understanding. An attitude of understanding always lifts you above limitations and seeks to find a world of closeness and unity. This is how we come to love. We came from love for our Source is pure love and we seek to recreate that love while we are here. Love is the ultimate goal in everything we do and every interaction we have.

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