Miracles with John of God

I cannot believe he cut right there!

Magnus is a father of 4 children from Sweden. He had a back injury and had 4 operations in 2 years.

Suffering from chronic back pain, Magnus took pain killers just to get through the day. He also drank heavily to ease his pain.

John of God cut his chest open. I am amazed to notice that the cut was made right where the tattoo of animal claws grabbing him is! Can you see it on the video? Unbelievable!

And what did Magnus report the day after his physical surgery with John of God? “Lots more freedom. I feel not so heavy in my shoulders. It feels like I’m newborn.And best of all he said, “And for my soul to accept myself.

The Entities at the Casa say that everyone who goes there asks for a physical healing. Yet, what everyone gets is a spiritual and emotional healing.

And that is what Magnus immediately felt after his physical surgery.

If you are like me, the idea of a physical surgery may not be comfortable for you. So let me assure you — The physical surgeries done by the Entities are performed only if you volunteer. The Entities work on everyone else through spiritual surgeries or in their meditations.

The Casa of John of God is a place of miracles. Are you ready to experience miracles in your life?

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May 2-16, 2015

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