I love you, Wayne Dyer!

To say that the news of Wayne Dyer’s passing left me shocked and devastated would be an understatement.

To know that I wouldn’t be able to hug Wayne or talk to Wayne any more rocks me to my core with sadness and grief.

Yet my soul understands and rejoices for the expansive journey he is on.

So I seek to focus on the love with a heart full of gratitude. And this is what I want to say to Wayne:

Dear Wayne,

I am deeply and profoundly grateful for you!

You taught me how to allow and to trust love. You showed me how a divine love connection between two people can impact the lives of millions.

You taught me how to be a spiritual teacher. You believed in me and saw the gifts I can offer the world when I did not even dare dream.

You taught me about generosity and how to support the dreams of others.

You taught me about devotion to myself, to love, to my mission and to All That Is.

Thank you for our regression session which changed your life and mine. Thank you for allowing my love in and letting me help you with the healing of the leukemia.

Thank you for all the love, the poetry you wrote for me and all the blessings that you gave me! I receive it all with a grateful heart.

It humbles me to think how close we were and how many precious moments we spent talking, swimming, laughing and dancing together.

I know that in Spirit you will continue to guide me and help my work grow and assist many more people.

I look forward to the moment of my transition when you welcome me and we get to rejoice in being together again.

I love you, my Beloved. And I thank you for loving me.



Mira Kelley and Wayne W. Dyer 1


Mira Kelley and Wayne W. Dyer 5


Mira Kelley and Wayne W. Dyer 6


Mira Kelley and Wayne W. Dyer 2


Mira Kelley and Wayne W. Dyer 3