Are You Loyally Disloyal?

Are you using your loyalty to be disloyal to yourself?

Are you staying stuck in a relationship where you don’t love the person but they are convenient because they don’t demand too much of you and because they save you from feeling alone? 

Are you staying stuck in a job where you are not using your talents, where you are under-valued and underpaid just so you have financial safety? 

These are just two examples. What is your way of keeping yourself stuck?


An opportunity comes in, a door opens, a breeze, a new fresh energy tempts you to step out of the old confines. But the fear of the unknown sets in and you reason yourself out of the adventure. You say, “I’m loyal. They need them. They cannot do it without me. Besides, what I have is not so bad.” And you talk yourself out of your future. 

Your soul brought you this opportunity so you can start moving. But you don’t see the possibilities. You only see the risks.

You think you are loyal. But you are using your seeming loyalty to stay stuck. You are using your loyalty to be disloyal to yourself. You are not being loyal to your true needs. You are not being loyal to your future. You are abandoning yourself. Stop doing that! 

Be loyal to yourself. Be loyal to your true, authentic self. 

Here is an easy process that will help you reconnect with yourself:

Step 1: Sit quietly. Breath in through your heart. Bring up feelings of love and trust. Connect with the universal energy of love and support.

Step 2: Listen. Listen to the authentic voice of your soul speaking. Listen with love to the melody of your dreams. Listen to the whisper of possibilities. 

Step 3: Become clear. What are you afraid of? How can you redefine the fear and replace it with what you want to trust in? 

Step 4: Take action! 

Four simple steps that will liberate you.

You are meant to be great. Staying stuck will only leave you feeling drained, uninspired and questioning your dreams.

You are meant to do great things. Clinging to the safety of the familiar old reality will not support you in creating your amazing future.

You are meant to be happy and fulfilled.

Stop being loyal to your fears. Stop being loyal to your limited past. You have already outgrown it. And you know it. You know it because of the pain you feel, because of how uninspired you feel, because of how hollow and empty you feel.

Dare greatly!

Be loyal to yourself! Be loyal to your future!

Shed. Let go. Release.

Start walking. Spread your wings. Fly. 

When you land, a new world of adventure, discovery and creativity awaits you!

Be brave! Be bold! Be loyal to your future! 

I know as you step up you will also have to deal with all that was holding you back. I am here to guide you through this process. Email me at [email protected] to work together.