I am proposing that we create a wave of love that will surround the entire planet and change the vibration of our Earth.

The idea is very simple and very effective:  Every day at 12:00 pm for one minute meditate on LOVE in any way that fills your heart with love and joy.  Feel the feeling of love growing inside your heart, expanding throughout your entire body and surrounding you in love and wellbeing.  Send this love to the people who bring happiness to your life. Send this love to the people who give you trouble, to your friends and co-workers.  Send this love to people who live in countries torn by war or natural disasters. Send this magnificent feeling of love and appreciation to the plants, to the trees, to the rivers, to the seas and oceans and to all living creatures. Surround your town, you city, your country, your continent and our planet with love.  See our planet bathed in the energy of love, peace and harmony.

Because of the different time zones we have we will be literally creating a wave of love that will be moving around our planet an hour after hour, after hour.  This powerful energetic movement will spin us into a higher vibration of harmony, love and wellbeing.

Allow yourself to truly feel and believe in the power of your love.  Each and everyone of us has a profound impact on our planet and when you focus your love you will be consciously creating the Earth you want to live on.

Please share the idea of the one-minute meditation on love at noon with your friends and your communities.  The more people join us, the higher the degree of accelerated love energy will be and greater the shift on our planet will be.

With all my love,


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