True Dream from the Gates of Horn


Ancient people believed that dreams come from two gates, the Gates of Horn and the Gates of Ivory.  Homer wrote about these gates in the Odyssey and later Virgil used the image in the Aeneid.

The gates are a metaphor for the way we approach receiving information in our dreams.

The Gate of Ivory is the gateway everyone passes through to have ordinary dreams, which sometimes consist of events from our day that we are looking to understand and process further by our subconscious mind.

The Gate of Horn is the gateway to that area of consciousness, of universal information where we are offered truthful dreams which give us valuable insight, solutions or enrich our spiritual quest.

In Conversations With Seth, Book 2 Susan Watkins described the ESP classes held by Jane Roberts, who channeled the teachings of Seth, a spiritual guide. In the book Susan Watkins conveys a lecture given by Seth in which Seth instructs the audience how to use the Gate of Horn image.

During the week, before you sleep, tell yourself – if you want to – that you will have a “True Dream from the Gates of Horn,” he said. “Now, that is an ancient suggestion, given by the Egyptians: The Gates of Horn. I do not want to tell you what it means yet, simply to ask you to give yourselves the suggestion – those of you who want to! – for a True Dream, that will help harmonize the portions of your being. That is part of the suggestion! Ask for a True Dream that comes from the Gates of Horn, [and] that will help harmonize the portions of your being.

You can read the excerpt from Sue Watkin’s book in its context here.

When I gave myself this suggestion for a first time I had a very vivid dream in which a guide was with me throughout the entire unfolding story and was interpreting the events and giving me instructions on how I can best adjust my behavior and attitude.  This was an invaluable experience for me because the dream relates to a very important area in my life, which I am still learning to master.

Here you can read a lot more on the True Dream from the Gates of Horn.

Tonight as you go to bed tell yourself that you will have a True Dream from the Gates of Horn.  And when you do, please share your dreams with me.

Image: Dreaming, a Creative Commons Attribution photo from h.koppdelaney’s Flickr stream.

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