Healthy, White and Sparkly Teeth

Egdar Cayce, the father of holistic medicine, recommends that we do the following for healthy teeth and gums:

“That which is best for the teeth is a combination of salt and soda, which is better than all the concoctions that have been sold in tubes and pastes.” (1131-1)

“Q-What is the best cleanser for teeth?

A- Equal combinations of salt and soda…nothing better” (276-7)

“Q-Give care of teeth so I will have less decaying.

A-Use as a massage for the gums and teeth an equal combination of common salt and baking soda.” (2981-2)

It was more than three years ago that I first discovered his advice.  I used to be one of those people who always needed some work done when I visited the dentist so I decided to give Cayce’s recipe a try.

During the first year I was not exclusively using the salt and soda powder to brush my teeth.  I alternated between regular store-bought toothpaste and the salt and soda powder.  When the time came for my yearly dental check-up I was in for a surprise – no new decay has developed.  However, there was a cracked old filling that needed to be replaced so I was not yet ready to openly evangelize people.  I needed a little more proof.

During the second year I fully committed to brushing with salt and soda.  I also began using a mouthwash based on other Cayce readings called Ipsab.  I cannot sing enough praises of Ipsab.  I strongly encourage you to try it.  That year I was late for my dental appointment and when the hygienist barely did any work I asked her if it was because she was rushing for her next appointment.  She said that my teeth were in a great shape and she really did not need to do anything.  I have to say I felt good.  I have finally found the way to take good care of my teeth.

This year’s dental check-up confirmed what I have already been living – my teeth were 100% healthy.  When the dentist came to examine my teeth I could not resist and tell him that I have been brushing with salt and soda.  For a moment I though that he would try to discourage me and try to convince me that I am not doing what science recommends.  Instead, he said that what I am using is an old home remedy.  However, the hygienist eagerly stepped in and recommended that I use fluoride mouth wash because I was not getting any fluoride from toothpaste.  I was not convinced she was right so after the appointment I did my research and was shocked to discover that fluoride was nothing short of poison.  I decided to stick with Cayce’s recommendation.

When I told my sweetheart about the incident he said, “That is hilarious. Laying waste to the status quo of the dental establishment. I’m so proud of you.”

This, my dear friends is my experience with salt and soda toothpowder.  I encourage you to try brushing with salt and soda, however, I am not qualified to give dental advice, so please follow your own intuition and discuss with your dentist what would be best for your teeth and gums.

If you decide to try the salt and soda toothpowder I have to warn you – this mixture feels dry and gritty and very, very salty, so if you are used to brushing with normal toothpaste it will seem strange at first.  But it is really worth it!  Your teeth will feel the cleanest they have ever been.

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