Let go of almost perfect

Have you had that relationship that seemed perfect… Well almost perfect?

They do have shortcomings. And you are aware of them but you are willing to overlook them. You want that person. You want the relationship — or at least the ideal vision of what the relationship could be. So you compromise. You really compromise.

During her regression session, Tina wanted to know about her relationship with Adam. The guidance her Higher Self gave her was “Sometimes what appears to be perfect is far from it. Let go!”

I loved the message so much that I created the picture below. Please share it with your friends who need this message. In truth, that is really all of us. We all can use more letting go of.

The guidance from the Higher Self made me want to ask you — Can you let go? Can you let go of the people, circumstances and beliefs you have already outgrown and that no longer serve you?

It requires trust. Trust that after you let go you will be safe. Trust that in the unknown you will find comfort. Trust that your desires will be met and fulfilled. Trust that you are worthy and deserve. Trust that you are loved.

Because if you know, if you really, really know that you are LOVED you will let go of almost perfect without hesitation, without doubt, without worry. You will simply let go.