A beautiful gift

Isn’t this a beautiful rose?!  Well!  I got a dozen roses just like this one this morning!

I was walking down the street on my way to work and someone I did not know gave me a beautiful bouquet!  How nice it was of them!  I embraced the bouquet, thanked them with all my heart and with a skip in my walk continued on my way.  Yup! I live a charmed life!

I saw how people on the street were passing me by thinking how pretty the flowers were.  At work everyone asked me what occasion was it.  “Was it my birthday?”  “Were the flowers from my sweetheart?”  No, just a stranger who made my day.

The roses were such a magical way for the universe to welcome me home.  I have been working a lot lately.  The long and tense hours made me so focused on the world outside, on making it through that I really felt as if I have been absent.

I hugged the bouquet and lovingly marveled it.  Every petal was so perfectly nestled on top of another.  And the scent was …so… intoxicating!

Welcome home, Rethnea.