She Healed Through Regression — You Can Too!

Want to hear an amazing story? This is the story of Tina’s physical healing during my San Antonio workshop. At the end of the workshop she told me that ever since her first period came as a teenager, she has experienced severe cramps on her right side. Here is Tina’s story in her own words:

“I have always suffered from horrible menstrual cramps. One of the lives I was visiting I saw myself… I was 25, had light brown hair, fair skin, was living in a forest. There was lots of bright green foliage and trees everywhere. I had a basket of vegetables I had picked in my left arm. My husband had on armor, he was sitting on a horse and about to leave. I had 2 children. A boy and a girl.

“Days had passed and we got attacked by a bear looking for food. I was protecting my kids and the bear slashed my right lower abdomen. I could see myself running a high fever from the infection of the wound. Well, anyway it occurred to me that was the reason I suffer from cramps. My cramps only hurt one part and it is my lower right abdomen… Always.

Yesterday, after the regression I started my menstruation, but I had NO idea I was starting because it was the first time I had NO cramps! I was amazed. Last night I got minor cramps, but today again… Nothing! That was an immediate confirmation of where I had been and how a past experience was still affecting me.”

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