Lonely Even When Surrounded by People

Are you afraid of emotional intimacy and yet crave it deeply? This story will inspire you.

Meghan was a successful young woman with a bright professional career. She carried herself with intelligence and business smarts in the workplace and was highly regarded by her peers. When she came to me, she revealed a deep insecurity right below the surface, mostly in the context of her personal relationships.

She also told me she was not very optimistic about the practice of past life regression. A friend of hers had worked with me previously with great success but Meghan was too pragmatic, she felt, and too analytical to really allow the experience. We discussed what she was looking for, what were her challenges. She described often having bouts of depression and loneliness, even while in relationships. She did not feel like it came from being physically alone but rather feeling unfulfilled.

Why would Meghan feel lonely? She is attractive, intelligent, has a social life and friends and a promising career. I knew diving into her past lives will give us answers.

The first of two lives we visited together saw Meghan as a geisha-type servant. She was a reluctant servant, from a poor family. Her only chance at any kind of life was afforded because she was beautiful and not for her intelligence. She saw a younger man who had shown interest in her and loved her. Meghan observed he seemed familiar so I asked if she recognized him as anyone in this life. She said it was her brother. This happens frequently and the knowing that our loved ones stay connected to us from one life to the next, even in different guises, is very reassuring.

We visited the scene of the geisha’s death where she was surrounded by other women and it was a positive, comforting transition experience.

In another life, Meghan’s soul lived as a young woman in the swinging twenties. Her life was not care-free however. She was attached to a thug of a man who kept her close to him and living a life of near servitude. He did the same with many other young ladies but she was not allowed to get close to anyone else. Later, the man changed. He lost all his money and got sick. He made amends for his harsh treatment of her to the point where she actually fell in love with him.

Following the lifetimes Meghan experienced, she connected with her spirit guides who were gentle and reassuring. They provided insights into what we had seen.

From the life of the geisha, Meghan needed to understand the perils of living her life with barriers put up around her heart. Even though her life seemed to be one of social and economic inferiority, the opportunities to connect with others were there, yet she missed them. She did not know any real happiness because she did not let anyone in.

From the young girl in the 1920s, Meghan learned a lesson of patience with others and looking below the surface to see their true nature. The man treated her horribly but had some good in him that she eventually got to see. In order to do that, she had to let her walls down enough to get closer to him.

Meghan also needed to see that superficial impressions really do not matter. As who she is today, she has been putting a lot of energy into worrying about what her family thought of her. She had to realize that, ultimately, those opinions really had no bearing on her ability to live a happy life with a positive self-image. Superficial concerns about the value of her home or the high-end car she drove only revealed her own insecurities. For Meghan, these insecurities manifested as barriers around her feelings where she would not let anyone in beyond an outer wall of emotions and fear.

The life of the geisha showed her that she needs to allow herself to be loved for who she is inside, not for how beautiful her face, body or possessions appear to be. The the path to follow in this life was clear – allow people to get closer to her core and to lower her walls. The fear of emotional intimacy she was experiencing was really her fear of being honest within her own mind about herself and that she needed to see herself in a positive light so others could as well.

Meghan left our session surprised at her ability to look that far inside herself and confident she better understood where her anxieties were coming from and what she needed to do to address them.

Now I would love to hear from you. How does this story resonate with you? What thoughts does it provoke?