On Holding Out

My sweetheart and I were driving back to New York City from out of town. As we approached our exit, we were talking about how great it would be if we could find a parking spot right in front of our building. I decided to put thought into action.

“Let’s put our intention out there for a parking spot when we arrive and when we get there, it will be waiting for us.”

He liked the idea so we both took a moment to send out our intention. We continued talking. The subject changed, we focused on the directions and the road. But then, a few minutes later he said, “O.K., I’ll drop you off in front of our building with the luggage and drive around until I find a parking spot.”  I exclaimed with surprise, “We just set our intention on parking right in front of our building! This is how we confuse the Universe. We say we want one thing but then we talk about doing something different. How will the Universe know what to prepare for you if you give it conflicting instructions?”

A little while later we arrived in our neighborhood. A few blocks away from our building, we saw a friend walking along the street. We stopped to say hello and chat for a minute. As we were saying goodbye to our friend and getting ready to take off, another car that was parked on the right in front of us left.  “Nice!” My sweetheart parked in the newly opened parking spot. We took out our bags and started walking home.

Guess what? As we approached our building we saw that there was a gigantic parking spot directly in front of the entrance to our building.  “Ahh!” we both exclaimed. I said to my sweetheart “When you say you want something and when you convey your intent to the Universe, you have to stay with it and trust that it will be given to you!”

He replied “That is true, but there is more of a lesson here. Sometimes we settle for less in life because we see something that resembles what we want.  And even though it is not ideal it is close enough and we take it. So maybe the lesson here is, even if you use the power of intention to get what you want, and the world is ready to give you what you want, you can still mess it up – with your own doubts, or fears or failure to believe that the Universe has in fact provided for you.”

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