Monday at Omega

It is hard to imagine that it is Monday as I am a world away from my everyday life and from the Monday routine of returning back to work.  I though to myself this morning that I am a spirit under cover at work.  I prefer to keep my spiritual interests and spiritual life a secret from the people I work with.  Even though I do not share with my co-workers the things I share with you here, my spirit is freely roaming, delivering gifts, encouraging and inspiring, and brightening the whole place with my love, big smiles and positive attitude.

How was our Monday here at Omega?  Really wonderful!  It feels like time does not exist here.  As I am sitting in the sanctuary, by the water fountain and the big metal bell I am reflecting on the shift that occurred here on Sunday afternoon. Our seminar “Same Soul, Many Bodies” ended.  It was such an amazing experience.  Every group comes together for a reason and this was one great group.  We were all working together on an energy level, enhancing each others’ experiences. We participated in and supported Cat and Nicky when they had their past life explorations on stage.  I hope that Cat and Nicky will share with us how they feel after the regressions and if their symptoms have cleared away — if Cat is able to speak her truth with a little more ease and if Nicky is able to eat more than just 11 foods.  Nicky was accompanies by a friend, a girl with a really beautiful soul, so I am sure that with support from her friend she will find the courage to speak with her mother about the past life they shared.  The workshop ended on Sunday and for a few hours the campus felt quiet.  Then new people began arriving and the energy shifted again.

Today we began our “Past Life Therapy Training” workshop with Brian Weiss where we will be learning how to conduct past life regressions. This morning as everyone in the room introduced himself or herself we all began to see the new patterns in the group and the connections we had.  Just as an example, on the back of the room clustered around each other and all sitting on the same row were people who were all looking to open spiritual centers – not scattered throughout the room but all sitting next to each other or near each other on the same row.  I am sure that as the week progresses we will find more connections and will form great friendships.

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