Remove Your Prosperity Blocks

Can having a lack of money be a protection inherited from a past life?

Can a block to prosperity be removed by reconnecting with a past life?

Maria was doing inner change of her beliefs and emotions on prosperity. In a quiet moment of facing the challenging inner emotions, she began thinking of a past life. She had experienced this past life a couple of years ago when she and I did a past life regression together.Today during our coaching session she recounted the story of that life, to tell me of a powerful shift she had made in meditation to remove a block to abundance. She told me:

“When I first landed in that lifetime I was complaining through the whole thing. I have looked up the type of carriage I was using, so I think this life was in about early to mid 1800s in London, England.

I was wearing this very fancy dress that was very pinch-y. I was in this carriage. And I had directed the carriage driver to take me to this part of town to drive through the narrower streets where the poverty was. And I was describing to you that it smelled bad. But that was important to me to drive through there.

Then we went back to where I live. The carriage pulled up to this building that did not look like a house. It was an estate essentially.

I was trying to describe the size to you by how many horses and carriages will fit in front of it. And it was a carriage with 4 horses, 2 and 2. And 6 of these would fit in front of this building.

When I went inside I was very bothered by everything. Everyone had these questions and wanted things from me. The whole situation was irritating to me.

I felt so trapped there. I didn’t know how to do anything different there. I wasn’t able to feel any love. I was suspicious of the staff because I knew they were talking about me.

I had been completely disconnected from my children. Because in that culture, once I gave birth to them, they were taken from me and raised by nannies. And I was not really allowed to be with them.

I had a role I was supposed to be in. And I dreamed a day-dream. I would see these bucolic scenes of stacks in the country. Thatched roof houses where people lived and I dreamed of hanging my laundry on the line. And walking in the fresh air and in the sunshine.

And I said to you, I cannot even think about doing that because I don’t know how to make bread. I didn’t know how to make any food or get any food. I couldn’t take my children. I didn’t even know which of the staff I could ask without them thinking that I was crazy.

So it was a life-time where I felt really trapped.

Later, after my husband died I was alone because my children were disconnected from me. At the end of that life I realized that some of the staff had really cared about me. There had been some love that was available to me. I just did’t know how to access that. I didn’t know how to trust anybody.”

Maria decided to meditate and connect with the life of this English woman. Maria’s narration continues:

“So I went into a meditation. And I imagined how I went to her bedside. I laid in the bed with her and I talked to her. I said to her, “The money was not the problem why you felt trapped. It was partly your culture. At that time women were limited on how much they could do. It is a lot different now.” I tried to tell her that is really nothing to fear. I was teaching her how to know who to trust.

She was trying to protect me by not wanting me to have the burden of prosperity.

I kept saying to her, “We have the same soul” When she left her body I was showing her, “Look what women are doing in the world now. Look what women are doing with money now. Look how much independence women have now.”

When that was over, I sat for may be an hour and cried. It was really, really incredible. I felt that she unlocked the inheritance for me. That was a very strong limitation between me and money that was put as a protection there. That limitation got unlocked.”

Maria trusted her instincts and imagination. She ignored the assumptions of linear time and that we cannot change our past lives. By doing that Maria created a healing for the English woman and for herself.

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