Gift for You & Happy Birthday to Me

What better way to celebrate my birthday than to GIVE YOU A GIFT!

How to get one of 5 regression CD sets that I am giving you as a gift is at the bottom of the page.

Now let’s talk about new beginnings!

I love today’s day. I love December 31. I love new beginnings. Today is a great opportunity to reflect on all that has been over the past year and dream, intend and feel giddy with anticipation on what is to come over the new year.

I want to share with you what I have been doing for many, many years now on today’s date. And even though the places I have found myself on New Year’s Eve have changed over the years, my little ritual has remained the same.

I always find a quiet corner in the house away from all the busyness of my family preparing food, watching TV, friends visiting and all the making marry that comes with the holidays.

Step One:  I open my journal and on top of the page I write “The Blessings of [____].” In the blank I fill in the year that is almost over. Then I gaze into the distance and begin to reflect on what has happened to me over the past year. I am looking for the blessings and for the gifts. As I remember them, I write them down and sincerely rejoice in them with gratitude.

There are inevitably the memories of things that didn’t go as planned, the disappointments and the pains. When those come up, I say to myself, “Всяко зло за добро.” or “Every evil is for good.” This is the handiest Bulgarian saying ever! “Every evil is for good.” And then I look for the silver lining, for the upsides, for the blessings that came out of the sadness. And since I am looking for them, of course I always find them. Then I write them down too. And there I have it – the proof that the last year has been an amazing year.

Step Two: When I have created plenty of heart-swelling energy of well-being and love and have made myself feel really good, I turn the page of my journal and on top of the next page I write, “What I Want for [____].” Fill in the upcoming year.

This truly is my favorite part of the process. I imagine the best possible situations and outcomes of what I want. I feel the joy of those things as if they already are. I imagine how easy it all is. I imagine how I act, how I feel. I imagine how my mom and my friends react with delight. Honestly, I get lost in the pleasure of it. I know that my intent will create the path ahead. And I know that the year ahead will be my best year yet.

Then, I set aside my journal and join the celebrations of welcoming the New Year. The beginning of the new year is the best time for dreaming big. I invite you to create powerful new beginnings for yourself by using my process above.

Gift for You & Happy Birthday to Me

This year, I am celebrating the holidays at my grandmother’s house in Bulgaria. Would you believe that my grandmother and I were born on the same day? We were both born on January 1st!

To celebrate our birthdays, I am giving you 1 of 5 copies of my CD set that will guide you to experience your past lives.

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Happy New Year! Here is what I wish you

The background bells on this video are absolutely magical! They are the bells of the St. Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna.