Alien ETs Healed Her!!!

Morgan came to me with specific health issues. Her intention was to clear the inner blocks and energy and to heal her fingers having arthritis. One was already misshapen and was hurting. She also held a lot of tension in her jaw and in her tongue.

She saw herself as a tall alien. She had webbed feet with 3 toes. The texture of her skin was similar to the skin of a snail and it was brown-green in color.

She arrived in a pod-like spacecraft at a space hospital. There was a team of smaller looking ETs who were waiting for her. They put her on what looked like a gurney and took her to an operation room. There they began working on her body with lasers.

The ETs worked on her jaw and on the joins of her fingers. The operation was very quick.

When the procedure was done, Morgan was put back on her spacecraft pod. And while the pod was flying back to her planet she slept and recuperated.

When she arrived, her body was like new and she was ready to continue working.

I asked her what is this place like. She said that it is a workers colony on a planet that has a precious metal important for the economy and technology on her home planet. She along with many others were there to mine the mineral. The pain in tension in her body were the result of simple ware and tear from the labor. After she arrived with a restored body, she continue to do her work.

Morgan left excited and grateful for her healing.

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