Release The Stress Of Not Liking What Is Happening (Tapping Help Inside!)

Canker sores are so painful and annoying when they pop in your mouth! What causes them and how to heal them?

I have the natural remedy that will make the canker sore go away immediately! 

It is called Ioxan and it is a based on an Edgar Cayce formula. Cayce was an exceptional full trance medium who is known as a father of holistic medicine. Even if you don’t have a canker sore right now, please get this product and keep it in your cabinet. You will thank me when you need it for immediate relief. Also, Ioxan is an amazing mouthwash and a liquid toothpaste.

You can get Ioxan here.

However, no healing is complete without addressing the emotional imbalance that caused the physical break out.

Canker sores are caused by the emotions of us not liking what is happening, judging it, blaming those involved but not saying anything.  We hold our words back because we think they will make matters worse and as a result our thoughts and emotions bluster out in our mouth.

Tap along with me in this video to move this unexpressed energy and let the body heal rapidly.


Even if you have no canker sores right now, tapping along with me will clear any emotions around not liking what is happening in your life.

Let me know how you feel after the tapping process in the comments below.