ASMR: A New Way to Relax?

If you’re like many people, relaxing at the end of a hard day of work usually means unwinding in front of a television set, laying in a hot tub, or engaging in…ahem, pleasurable physical activities with your special person. And now, many people are adding ‘watching ASMR videos’ to that list.

ASMR, which stands for autonomous sensory meridian response, is a tingling sensation in the head, which is experienced by many people when triggered by the right stimuli. There are many different ASMR triggers, with whispers being one of the top stimuli. In fact, a large number of ASMR videos are made up of whispering, accompanied by other sounds, such as scratching, tapping and even the pouring of sand.

What is an ASMR video?

While YouTube is well-known for providing audiovisual entertainment, ASMR videos are in a class by themselves. That’s because they help to bring about pleasurable brain tingles in viewers and listeners; sensations which can help you relax and even fall asleep easier. A typical ASMR relaxation or sleep video can last anywhere from 10 – 15 minutes, to well over an hour. Viewers, who have benefited from the reported sleep benefits provided by these videos, claim that they usually nod off before getting to the end.

So, are ASMR videos replacing other methods of relaxation? That is highly unlikely. The main uses of ASMR relaxing and sleep videos are for meditation purposes, treating insomnia, and an option for relaxing when other methods are not practicable. ASMR is even useful in putting babies to sleep and it is believed that most adults experienced ASMR when they were little children. Additionally, the brain tingles that occur as a result of ASMR are not only highly pleasurable but can help people find out more about themselves.

Are ASMR Videos Readily Available?

There are tons of ASMR videos, especially on YouTube, covering everything from whispering performances to loud breathing patterns in special microphones. It’s important that you don’t lose hope if you don’t get an ASMR brain orgasm from the very first video that you watch because everyone has different triggers. Whispers may not work for you but listening to someone scratch a piece of metal with their nails may just do it, or maybe a video that has a combination of music and talking could be what does it for you.

How to Watch an ASMR Video

When watching an ASMR video, your own reaction depends on how much you are into it. You have to focus on the sounds being made, the tone of the speaker’s voice, and other details that stand out. The convenience of having YouTube on mobile devices means that you can watch an ASMR video anywhere but it’s better to watch them while you’re alone and can focus on their content.

Choose videos that you know contain the triggers that will help you experience that relaxing head tingling sensation that you seek. If you’re watching for the first time, you may have to try different videos until you find one that works for you. Also, depending on where you’re at, you’ll want to be in a relaxing position, whether lying or sitting down. Finally, you can use headphones or you can play them through the speakers, depending on your privacy and comfort.

Have you experienced relaxation from watching ASMR videos? Let me know if you have.

Watch one here below: