How ASMR Can Change Your Life One Tingle at a Time

ASMR, or autonomous sensory meridian response, is a fairly new phenomenon, which more and more people have been recognizing as a relaxing head tingle.

From listening to relaxing ASMR sounds and whispers to getting touched and tickled in ways that activate the wavy feeling, ASMR sensations have become a major ‘thing’ and some people are absorbed by it, trying to understand why some sensations cause a tingling in the back of the head. If you scour the internet, you will find numerous articles and videos that try to explain what it is and how it works – some are spot on, others miss the mark.

Whatever it means to you, ASMR is here, it is important and it is good for you if you are one of those who experience the brain tingling sensations that it produces. Here’s how ASMR can change your life, one tingle at a time:

How you deal with stress: Everyone gets stressed from time to time, some more intensely than others. Stress itself is a necessary thing for people to grow and evolve. However, how you handle stress makes all the difference and can lead to either a positive outcome or a negative. Using ASMR to deal with stressful times can be life changing because it helps you to relax. Being relaxed helps you to cope better with situations that are stressful.

There are many ASMR videos which contain sounds that make you tingle and can help you relax. Also, your body might react better to ASMR touch and whispers of a loved one or an ASMR practitioner, helping you cope better with stress, so you can get a positive outcome more often than not.

Getting more rest: Resting and restful sleep are healthy experiences that many people fail to achieve. Often, it has little to do with whether there is an issue of insomnia or not, since many people can relate to sleeping for the recommended eight hours or more and still feel tired. Feeling restful is a state of mind that is only achieved when the mind and body are truly in sync and you are able to let go of subconscious distractions that are preventing rest. ASMR sleep and meditation sessions, including listening to soothing voices, whispers and music, can help you to achieve that level of rest that your mind and body needs.

Overcoming anxiety: Millions of people deal with anxiety on a daily basis and it can be triggered by any number of things. As a result, many sufferers of anxiety prefer to hide away from the public or take medication in order to cope with the symptoms that come with it. While these act as coping mechanisms, what you may really need to do is overcome your anxiety, which has a lot to do with relaxing, breathing and remaining calm.

As many people with anxiety have found, listening to ASMR relaxation videos and sounds and other ASMR techniques, can both help you to cope with anxiety and possibly overcome it. If you have anxiety attacks from time to time, why not try ASMR?

Life is all about change and sometimes we may not know what to do in order to experience positive change. Whatever you’re going through, add an ASMR relaxing component to your life and see what happens.