The Story of Elizabeth Pschorr

I came across a moving life story that I want to share with you.

Elizabeth Pschorr, a young woman of Jewish descent, married an Aryan gentleman from a prominent German brewing family on the eve of Adolf Hitler’s Third Reich. A later law, that defined their bond as a “privileged marriage,” saved her life while millions perished. Born into a German Jewish family of wealth, Elizabeth chose not to flee and remained devoted to her fatherland and ultimately experienced the shocking consequences of Adolf Hitler’s laws “for the protection of German Blood and German honor.”

When her father was freed after being retained for a short time in an early concentration camp and immediately expelled from Germany, Elizabeth and her husband decided to remain in their homeland, unaware of what was to come. Surrounded by danger, hunger, destruction and devastation, she managed to keep her three children safe. In her book “A Privileged Marriage” Elizabeth also gives a vision of prewar Germany and paints a picture of life as it was then and makes this a love story: a display of her love of family, love of country, and love of life.

Here is an interview with Elizabeth who at the age of 98 looks and sounds really amazing.

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