Being Stable

One of the things that concerned me about my sweetheart when we first met was how fickle he was.  He was often likely to change his mind and this lack of constancy and stability confused me.  I though that once a person made up their mind there was really no room for change. Why change?

For me stability was a positive trait.  It meant to me that the person is reliable and predictable.  Don’t we all pursue stability in our lives?  We want stable relationships.  We wants stable jobs.  We want for things in our life to be reliable so that we feel stable and secure.

Then it dawned on me!  The pursuit of stability by definition means creating resistance to change.

But the only permanent thing in life is change.  Change itself creates life.  Things that do not allow for the new expressions of their life force stagnate and die.  Have you had a situation in your life where you were trying to hold on to what was with all your might and will, as if fighting for your dear life?  Meanwhile, the energy that was seeking new expression was gathering strength underneath the surface and because you were resisting change all of a sudden it blew up in an unexpected way creating a huge mess and forcing you to examine, understand and change.  People getting sick, loosing valuable possessions, the unraveling of relationships are but a few examples of what could happen when we resist change.

People often talk about how stable they are with great pride.  They believe it is admirable to be sturdy, rigid, to be able to withstand anything and be resilient to change. But if you listen attentively you will know that what they are really saying is that they are afraid.  They are afraid that the way things were may no longer be.  They are afraid that they may not survive or that things may become worse.  This fear is the expression of a mindset where we believe we are separate and remove ourselves from the knowing that our source always provides for us.

It was in that moment that I realized that the old definition of stability no longer works for me. And as if basking in pure illumination I knew that stability is comes from having a passionate focus. When you are filled with the unshakable knowing that All That Is always provides for you and supports you in the best possible ways, you allow yourself to graciously flow through life rather than rigidly resist it. You are in a beautiful dance with the Universe – moving, shifting, allowing and trusting.  You live a life where abundance freely flows towards you.  You create and express the ideas that intrigue you the most.  Through taking such inspired actions you focus yourself on being who you are and allow for your Source to support you.  And it always does.  When you are your true self and when you act on your passions the Universe always brings you the right people to assist you, there is always financial support for your projects, you are always employed at jobs that give meaning to your life and support you financially, your relationships are more loving and you feel more connected to those around you and your life is an exciting, unfolding expansion.

My sweetheart taught me an important lesson. By simply being who he is he allowed me to see a new perspective and to realize that stability is found within.  Now, I often tell him how much I admire him for changing his mind as often as his spirit moves him to.  Because change is not a threat.  Change is the means for growth and creativity.

Embrace change.  Embrace living your true self with joy and you will be met with unparallel support, opportunities and everflowing abundance.


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