His Past Life Lessons

This is what A. A. learned in his past life regression with me:

“Few days ago in the mid of my self-quarantine and the chaos of the COVID-19 News, I decided to undergo a past life regression session with Mira Kelley, a specialist who had guided Wayne Dyer “God bless his soul” in a similar session.

I have been hesitating to share my experience/learnings, I also understand that some people are skeptical about the subject, perhaps contradicts certain ideological belief, though some have “Reincarnation” it at the core of their belief and for some like Stevenson a Physiatrist at the university of Virginia who helped to found the Society for Scientific Exploration in 1982 was the author of around three hundred papers and fourteen books on reincarnation, including Twenty Cases Suggestive of Reincarnation (1966) and European Cases of the Reincarnation Type (2003).

However, no matter on which side you are, somethings happen in this journey of past life exploration which cannot be explain, you may choose to say that is your subconscious mind making up the story or that is the real story of your reincarnated soul, at the end I found value in the outcome in terms of the learnings which I would like to highlight here and share

1. Life journey itself is about the learnings, none of the past lives I have experienced were 100% fulfilling, there was always something I wished I have done differently and that was the learning from that life (clearly comes to reality with at the end of each life).

2. I have experienced being extremely poor never could imagine that level of scarcity struggling to find food to eat so I can live, on the other hand I have experienced a life where I was utterly rich, but the irony when I was extremely rich I was willing to trade that for the love my own son, when I was extremely poor I felt guilty for leaving my old man without being on his side to help him out in the last years of his life and went running for my own life. The take way was two things: one to take care of your old parents as they took care of you because that is one thing you would regret if you don’t and second you don’t have to be rich or poor to be loved (eventually affects your attitude about perceiving wealth as well).

3. The third learning though sounds a cliché, enjoying the present moment in its absolute simplicity as you may be chasing a so called mission and you forget to live the present moment, in a life of a Nobel price Dutch physicist where nothing did matter but one single mission to be accomplished finally never was, although I was recognized by others witg the ultimate prize (I later read about him as I did not know him which was shocking experience and explains my love for quantum physics) what was missing is living life itself with its beautiful simple present moments wither that bird that you hear signing in the morning or that leaf falling of that tree, the magic happens in these forms of simplicities.

4. Sometimes we are faced by a big challenge in our life or a certain adversity which makes us set a side or forget that we are here to serve humanity with our passion by expressing our unique talents, that is something we will definitely regrets at the end of our life as I did in one of my past life experiences.

5. The majority of us will lose loved ones at some point in our life (father, mother, wife, daughter, etc.) we will miss them and will feel sad but the only savior from the sufferings is that absolute connection with the divine and I am not talking about a Dogma here but rather that experience of oneness when you become nobody just an infinite divine being going back to source but rather becoming the source, you want to call this going to heaven or liberating the soul to unit with the cosmic consciousness or whatever it means for you, you need to experience this on earth because that feeling is beyond any word a human mind can ever explains, I am grateful that I had experienced that once through a spiritual practice and that experience manifested itself in one of my past lives, if anything I seek is to experience that again.

6. Past lives teaches me not by theory but by living the experience that identity is false invention we define ourselves with it to feel safe and secure but the beauty of knowing that I lived the life of a Greek, Turkish, Dutch and Australian, I can feel that oneness of humanity beyond this fake identity which we stick with to protect ourselves. It is the most beautiful thing ever.

7. Unfortunately many of our big learnings come at the end of our life when the soul is about to leave the body or when it has already left the body, try to find a way which works for you to learn that before it is too late. I am not here to advise or not on going through a past life regression experience that is for each one to decide by him/her self, I am trying to share my universal learnings for all.

God bless you and bless our humanity!” A. A.

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