Something New Is Being Born In Me

How is your pandemic going?

I am praying that my note finds you healthy and happy.

I have been busier than ever. I wish I could be one of those people who feel bored right now. If there were ever a time where it is socially allowed and encouraged to rest it is right now, so no judgment from me.

My deep sense of purpose and my work ethic kicked in stronger than ever before the moment the Coronavirus news blanketed our awareness. Within me I feel such intense urgency to teach, to provide, to help that I have been very creative and productive.

For years now, I have been doing most of my work over video Zoom so I am continuing to work with clients. Email me at [email protected] and let me know how I can help you.

In addition, there has been another development going on.

Almost as if everything up until now has been in preparation of this next chapter of how I teach and serve.

If you have been on the journey of soul growth with me for a while now, you already know I have been living my dharma. Yet, my sense of service and teaching you what I have learned about the mind has been multiplied times a 100.

Last night in my dreams something really new and exciting happened!

Here is my dream:

I was at an university campus. I was supposed to teach in a room on the second floor of a building. The windows were open and a lovely breeze was coming in.  It was a sunny summer day. Only one person was inside.

Everyone was on the lawn outside. Everything was so green! So pretty!!! The colors and the natural beauty of the trees and the glass were breathtaking and vivid. I went down thinking of asking the students to come up to the classroom. But I changed my mind.

I decided to teach the class on the lawn. Everyone gathered and sat down. While I went to get a wooden chair to sit on even more people joined.

It was the first lecture of the class. I said, “Welcome to “Psychedelics and the Psyche.” Notice the word “psyche” at the root of the word “psychedelics.” We will be studying how to use psychedelics to change our psyche.”

I was delighted that people not registered for the class had joined out of curiosity and a burning desire. So I told the class to tell all their friends to come even if not registered. And I knew it will be the most popular class in the university.

I woke up with a sense of fulfillment.

What adventure is my soul guiding me into with this dream?! Have you had any guiding dreams since the pandemic? I look forward to hearing from you.